Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I WON'T do it!

So this was Drake right before he was going to get scolded
by his father to take more than one bunny hop on his crutches.
This may look like a smile, but really is a full on scream of terror! All his Dad was having him try was to take 5 big steps with his crutches. From the moment he got those crutches, he has had nothing to do with them. Being the coordinated boy that he is, it wasn't the easiest thing to get the step-swing down. So of course, he's not good at them, he doesn't like them and is never going to use he says. You can see that Dad isn't too happy with him and Drake is definitely not too fond of Dad right now. How easy is it to use crutches???? I gave Drake a little(just a little) credit, because he still only had the splint on in these pictures, and that does make it harder because it hangs and hurts more, so with that said, I was feeling a little bad for him, but seriously he just had to figure this out, he had no choice. So I guess his Dad's peristance paid off!!!
well maybe.....
okay---here we go, here's the smile I was looking for! Well this smile is actually for another reason. Drake finally was going to get his RED cast! It was so nice to get that splint off, but it sure showed how gross and bruised up his ankle was....

I just thought you all would want to see his beautiful foot..
(poor thing---ouch!!)

Well after some searching, the doctors were able to find some RED for his cast. I believe they had it leftover from Christmas, they usually don't carry RED. He decided on RED because it was now his favorite color(becuase of course it changes weekly), and it was also his cousin's Ammon and Ben's favorite color! We were also glad because they gave him a shoe thing to put under the cast so he could walk, since the crutches were such an issue. But needless to say, he finally figured them out and is now a pro!!! He's even doing karate moves with them. He actually doesn't even use them any more which is great! He's more excited that he gets to keep them forever. Oh boy--something else to save! Drake is the king of saving. You name it--he'll save it(but that's a whole other story in itself!)
I made sure to get a couple more sharpie's for all his friends to sign his cast. Yep--that means he is going back to school!!! AFter 3 long days out of school and a weekend, I was more ready for him to get back more than he was. You better believe I took him straight to school from the doctor(well we had to make a pit stop at Chick Fil A first) . You wouldn't believe all the attention he got from every one of the kids in his class. There were about a thousand questions coming at us right after we walked into the classroom. He was feeling pretty special at that moment--which he should, he had been through a lot!!! But boy was it nice not to have to carry that boy around anymore. We were all glad he made it back to school!

He was so brave, he even rode the bus home by himself!! He did so great, I was so proud of him!
And there's the smile we were all waiting for....with his crutches!!
Now-here's a question for someone...
-does anyone have any secrets as to how to keep that rancid smell out of his foot!