Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random FUN!

Finally got some snow to play in!! Brigg's first time playing in the snow! He loved it!

I think Charly was feeling very photogenic this day...

Wesley and Charly trying to take a little rest on a Sunday Afternoon!!
Still a bit chilly I think.
Ever since the New year, we love Sunday AFternoon's at our house!! Gotta love 8:30 church with the WHOLE afternoon FREE!!!
Everyone asleep--now does that happen very often???

This might be the closest they get to be on the Nuggets


We like to use suckers for binkies at our house!!
Night Night

American Girl Designer

I never knew how creative Charly was until she turned her closet into her Doll's Dream house!
All homemade, she printed off pretend laptops, cell phones, and even turned the stool into a little closet! She fixed up some sweet shelves and even a tissue box--

Love her creativity--even if it takes 20 rolls of tape!!


They all have their stages....And Brigg has found the Oven Mitt Stage!! He is OBSESSED!! i think a couple of my other kids did this---but not this much!!! Everyday--as you can see he has a different shirt on in almost every picture--he would head right to the 3rd drawer down in the kitchen and run around with the "glove" on. HE loved it!! Sometimes he would even act like it was a baseball glove and he'd get a ball and want to play catch!! KIDS!!!! gotta love them!


Just a bunch of INSTAGRAMS....

Yes....this is my baby!! I know kinda creepy!
This was done by our friends--they used the freak booth app--
he is still kind of cute in a crazy sort of way!!

Poor kid turned around right into the door!!
This was right after it happened!!
All smiles! OUCH!
Garrett finally got his boy--even after 6 girls!! Wahoo!!
Garrett and Jace
Just hangin at the park in the middle of January! Love CO!!

Drake the baker!! He made and baked the cookies to get passed off for scouts!
They were delicious!

All my BOYS!!
Charly and her Doll--Julie! She is so proud that they have the same hair-do

Ben, Drake, Brigg, Wesley, Tyler, and Ammon
They are all growing up way too fast!

Family Costco Trip

New year's Eve Celebrations!!

WE love being in UT for New Year's!! There's always something fun going on. We spent the first half of the night at my brother Eric and Tina's house and then made our way to Nat and Brandon's house! It's always a party at the West household....they had fireworks, tons of yummy food, ipod karaoke, and dancing! What a great way to bring in the New Year!! Here's to 2012!!

Experimenting with Mom's birthday present.....taking Instagram pics!!
Just missing Holly!!! Love my Sisters!!
Emmett, Drake and Brigg

Hangin with the ladies...
Nat was amazing at Ipod Karaoke
My sweet little bookworm...we're startin him young!

Christmas morning '11


We let Brigg get as much sleep as possible, so when he woke up, we were all so excited to show him all his presents!! He didn't quite know what to expect...
I think they were good boys and girls this year...

Merry Christmas!!