Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Brigg pics

10 months....
busy, busy
Brigg loves to get into every drawer and cupboard he can find.
Caught in the act!

showing off his big buckies!! Gotta love those big teeth of his!

Well, we might as well teach'em young...there is no escaping the wwf wrestling matches here at the Jones household. Brigg will be ready for those older brothers for sure!

Loves the closets too.. gotta love this age!
We are all having so much fun with this little munchkin!

Christmas morning!

The traditional lining up on the stairs...looking ready as ever!

The best gift of all this year was the surprise trip to Disney World!! Mike and I sent the kids on a little scavenger hunt to find these letters. In the end they had to put the letters together(with a little help) to spell this....
Charly and her new doll house. I just love this "girl" stuff!
Drake's addicted to the Broncos and anything to do with football, so he was in HEAVEN!

Charly had her dream Christmas when she got her first American girl Doll---
oh boy--here we go, it's all started!
Wesley would be happy with anything, here he is on some skateboard looking thing.

Brigg would have been happy with the bows on the presents, but Santa did show up for him too and brought him his own little band set!!

DisneyWorld Pics to come......