Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm desperately needing an AGENT!

Brandon and Mike were a little delirious the night of Mamie's wedding. These are just a few of the model (so they wish) shots that we got of them. Natalie and I were cracking up the whole time when they were trying to keep a straight face. Hopefully they won't be checking my blog anytime soon, or I might be sleeping on the couch. He'd kill me if he knew I put these on here. I just had to because I think they were partly thinking they really could be the next GQ models.
What a babe---He's definitely got potential(Mike..that is)
I think they're finally realizing how gay they are!
Oh, how we love our husbands!!!

Back to Blogging!

Ok, I know you are all dying to see some pictures! Well , after a long night of blogging to get caught up, I am back in business. I can't promise that I'll keep it up, but who really cares --right? January is not that exciting anyway, so I probably won't even have a lot to blog. Perfect! Well I have caught you all up from way back at the first of December. But in the Jones family here in Colorado, there has been a lot going on since then. So I hope you don't get bored of the massive amount of pictures, but I just wanted to get them all on their so I could look back on them. So I hope you enjoy and hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mamie's Wedding Day

Oliver and Mamie Mullins
December 29, 2007
Everything went so great that special day! Every time I'm able to go to a wedding it always reminds me of own. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life!
It was so nice to be able to share their special day with them. Thanks for the memories!
The Jones Clan
Lino, Jenn, Me, Mike, Luke, Wes, "Monkey", Mamie, Pam, Garrett, Stacey, Natalie, Brandon, Jaclyn and Tanna
The Newlyweds with all the nieces and nephews!
What a Handsome picture!
The boys got there first real suits! They didn't want to take them off!
As you can see, Mike got the short tie, or maybe he's just too tall?
What a handsome devil! Now there's a good-lookin' boy!

Coco and GabbieJaclyn wasn't about to let anyone near that boquet. She does have somewhat of a height advantage though! We'll see if she follows through with it? A few of the boys

Christmas Morning

We had a Great Christmas this year. We got to spend it with our cousins. Brandon and Natalie(Mike's sister) and Family spent a week with us during all the festivities of having her sister Mamie get married, Jaclyn come home from her mission and then the wonderful Christmas day!

The kids are anxiously waiting to see what santa brought them. We made them follow in our traditions to get a picture on the stairs before they make their entrance.

Drake, Tyler, Wesley, Halle and Charly!
Charly got a princess tea set. Girls are too much fun!
The boys got electric scooters.
We're still waiting for the snow to melt for them to really try them out.
Wesley modeling his new Bronco's jersey!

Drake rockin' out on his electric guitar!

This was my Christmas...
I must have been a good girl!!
Thanks Santa!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was an eventful day. It wasn't the typical holiday day for me. I was out doing my last minute shopping and found myself in a parking lot for over 3 hours trying to get the accident I was in all figured out. A car drove right in front of me and I smashed the whole side of their car. My car was a little damaged and we're still waiting on a bunch of insurance stuff to see what the real damage is. It wasn't my fault, so the insurance will take care of it, but it sure ruined that whole day for me. It's a good thing Christmas Eve is such a wonderful night at the Jones'. It was fun to see family I hadn't seen in a while. Gotta love the Holidays!

Mike's sisters, Jaclyn and Mamie doing what they do best! Jaclyn and MikeThis is the best we could do. At least Charly's smiling.
"Coco" and Gabbie---and don't miss Drake in the background. I just had to put this picture in. Drake is making the funniest face ever. Of course he had to sneak in the picture. What a nut!
Gabbie nicknamed Charly Coco and it has definitely stuck! They are pretty good buddies, it's so cute to see them together, they just love each other. They have a special bond because their birthdays are only a day apart.
Mike's brother Luke and Mike's sister Natalie's, little Luke.
Charly and Charlie! Mike's cousin, Ryan, married a Charlie. So now we have 2 Charly Jones' in the family. We all love Charlie and it was so fun to see them since we don't get to very often. I just had to take a picture of our fabulous desserts. Mike's cousin Alisa and I were in charge of dessert. Because of such a hectic day we didn't spend as much time as we had hoped to on them, but they turned out pretty good I thought. I have to say the last few of them we did weren't quite as delicate as the first ones. We sort of ran out of time, so by the end we were just throwing stuff in the glasses.
All the boys putting on a show as the Shepherds!

Wesley's Preschool Nativity Play

Wesley as the shepherd. singing Christmas songs

Once again my baby doesn't like Santa. All of my kids did this very thing when they were her age. What's so scary about someone who gives you treats and presents?
They've finally figured out that he really is nice!

Cancun '07

We had a great trip to Cancun in Dec. 2007. I'm just a little behind, but oh well. Better late than never. The best part about the trip was not only spending it with 80 or so other people, but it didn't cost us a penny. Thanks Uncle Garrett for giving us a trip we will never forget. We went with every member of Mike's side of the family(oh-except Jaclyn, who was on her mission--we missed her tons) and also with every member of Stacey's(sister-in-law) family. I think there were close to 85 total. It was amazing. We got a lot of weird looks, but we didn't care, it was just fun to be together. It was a once in a lifetime sortof of thing. Charly would have had a lot more fun if she were just a little older. 17 month olds don't do to well without there bed. Well at least our sweet girl was a little flustered without being able to nap when needed. If we can help it, she probably won't be joining us on anymore vacations anytime soon. All in all we had a wonderful time, and our other two kids couldn't get enough, especially the tasty strawberry daquiries that Drake figured out by the end of the trip to go and order one himself. Thanks again Garrett! All of the cousins on Mike's side of the family.
The boys ordering up there drinks!
Wesley loves to try on the masks, but can't quite figure out how to really use them.

These are just some random pictures of our trip.