Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cancun '07

We had a great trip to Cancun in Dec. 2007. I'm just a little behind, but oh well. Better late than never. The best part about the trip was not only spending it with 80 or so other people, but it didn't cost us a penny. Thanks Uncle Garrett for giving us a trip we will never forget. We went with every member of Mike's side of the family(oh-except Jaclyn, who was on her mission--we missed her tons) and also with every member of Stacey's(sister-in-law) family. I think there were close to 85 total. It was amazing. We got a lot of weird looks, but we didn't care, it was just fun to be together. It was a once in a lifetime sortof of thing. Charly would have had a lot more fun if she were just a little older. 17 month olds don't do to well without there bed. Well at least our sweet girl was a little flustered without being able to nap when needed. If we can help it, she probably won't be joining us on anymore vacations anytime soon. All in all we had a wonderful time, and our other two kids couldn't get enough, especially the tasty strawberry daquiries that Drake figured out by the end of the trip to go and order one himself. Thanks again Garrett! All of the cousins on Mike's side of the family.
The boys ordering up there drinks!
Wesley loves to try on the masks, but can't quite figure out how to really use them.

These are just some random pictures of our trip.


Elisha and Scott said...

deb, thanks for the update. i have been checking it every once in a while and still saw the halloween blog. great photos and sounds like life is soooooooo much fun.

Lyons Family said...

glad you updated! fun to see all those great photos. see ya tomorrow!