Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a Great Christmas this year. We got to spend it with our cousins. Brandon and Natalie(Mike's sister) and Family spent a week with us during all the festivities of having her sister Mamie get married, Jaclyn come home from her mission and then the wonderful Christmas day!

The kids are anxiously waiting to see what santa brought them. We made them follow in our traditions to get a picture on the stairs before they make their entrance.

Drake, Tyler, Wesley, Halle and Charly!
Charly got a princess tea set. Girls are too much fun!
The boys got electric scooters.
We're still waiting for the snow to melt for them to really try them out.
Wesley modeling his new Bronco's jersey!

Drake rockin' out on his electric guitar!

This was my Christmas...
I must have been a good girl!!
Thanks Santa!

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Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! We miss Colorado and wish we could go skiing with you guys... like the new boards. Your kids are so cute and getting so big. I love seeing Charlie in all the Gap lines. She is so cute. Tell everyone hello!
Hugs and Kisses