Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet baby Belle!

We had the privledge of going to the hospital and meeting my newest niece, Belle. Mike's youngest sister, Mamie, just had her baby last week. She is just beautiful! So many fun memories when you see a brand new baby! Mamie and Belle
The kids had fun holding her, and they did a great job.
Charly especially loves babies. She'll be a great big sister someday(no that is not an announcement)

Mike's holding her in the football hold......Go long!!
She is so tiny, you forget how little those babies are!
Congratulations to Mamie and Oliver on there first baby girl!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Our cute little bunny!The Ninja and Spiderman Charly was just a little slow to stay up with the boys, so Dad was the lucky one to carry her around. She loved the trick or treating, and couldn't believe that she could go to another house to get candy. She kept wanting to stay at one house and take more candy from their bowl.

and they're off.......for more!

Birthday Breakfast

We might have to reconsider this "breakfast" birthday thing.
My kids might kill me later on for taking these beautful pictures of them bright and early.
Not lookin so alive here. Still trying to wake up. trying to hide his smile as we sing him Happy Birthday. this is what we call the "monkey blow"holy cow--
I've got 2 monkeys--it's got to be the ears I guess!
Drake seems to think his nickname is "monkey" and now I know why!Once again, not so sure if Charly will be too excited about this morning picture.
Happy Birthday Wesley!

Party with Pals

Wesley has the lucky birthday of Halloween!
He turned 5 this year! He had a little party with some of his
friends the day before his birthday.
He was so excited about every present! Thanks to all who came!

We were so glad to be outside for the party.
It was the greatest weather with only a little
breeze which made it a bit difficult to keep the candle lit.
Charly and Jocelyn really enjoyed the cupcakes, I think they were the only ones.
They were super messy, but they looked really cool!

The gang
Afton(cousin), Max, Jeni(cousin), Tyler, London, Charly, Jocelyn
Wesley, Cooper, Andrew, Soren, Spencer, and Tate

The 3 little pumpkins

He we are --gearing up for the big holiday! Halloween!
Dad is working on a masterpiece with his 2 little helpers.

Charly's Kitty
(yes it is a cat, you probably can't tell because I actually carved this one)

Wesley's Jack-O-Lantern
Drake's Ghost in the graveyard

Got them all lit up!