Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet baby Belle!

We had the privledge of going to the hospital and meeting my newest niece, Belle. Mike's youngest sister, Mamie, just had her baby last week. She is just beautiful! So many fun memories when you see a brand new baby! Mamie and Belle
The kids had fun holding her, and they did a great job.
Charly especially loves babies. She'll be a great big sister someday(no that is not an announcement)

Mike's holding her in the football hold......Go long!!
She is so tiny, you forget how little those babies are!
Congratulations to Mamie and Oliver on there first baby girl!


Danielle and Fam said...

She is darling darling!! Mamie looks good too. There have been tons of babies lately it's making me baby hungry AGAIN!

Lindsay and Casey said...

I know we moved out of the ward...but I found your blog off of Cody and Brandons...your kids are so cute! (I'm still trying to talk my husband into naming a girl charly..if we decide to have another one and if it is a girl:) By the way...What's her middle name??

I also thought I'd let you know that I started up a little shop for girls bows and accessories...I'm sure you know a lot of people so I would love it if you would help me spread the word for people that would be interested in them...especially for the perfect holiday stocking stuffers.

Emily said...

what a pretty baby... I love how proud your kids look!! We are holding our breath waiting for an "announcement" Deb!! :) just because we think you should keep those cute Jones kids coming... at least 12!!! miss you and looking forward to seeing you all for the holidays!!! xoxo

Leah Finch said...

OH MY! She is beautiful!!! Time for a BLOG Mamie!!!(pass it on) I love all your updates Debbie! I told Pam and Wes that we have to go up there soon! Your children are the cutest! Leah

Lindsay and Casey said...

yep...we are still in CO...we just moved into a house in HR. We are house sitting kind of for a couple that is out of the country for work.
Anyway, my website it not up and running's in the works so for now I'm just using a blog soon to come is I have a link from my blog and I also have buttons avaliable for people to put on their if you would like one feel free:) Thanks so much for your support. Also any feedback from you(you have a girl and you have good taste) would be very helpful. Maybe I could use your daughter for a model for some pictures?? I'm looking for a little girl here in CO because all the cute girls I know don't live here:) Anyway, thanks again for your support!

Sarah & Ty said...

hey!! It's Sarah Bennett. I saw your blog on the Christmas letter at Tim & Sally's. I am adding you to my list! Cute, cute blog. And Mamie's little girl is really cute. How does she already look like a little girl? Wow. Gotta love Mike holding her football style. LOL.