Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double Digits

Can't believe my boy is 10!  Happy Birthday to Drake!! So proud of this boy!! 
 Don't know what I'd do without his clever personality!!

He's still going with his favorite B-day party ever....Camping and boating at Chatfield!!
Gotta love that!

Mother's Day

Drake made me a special smiley face out of a banana, apple, grapes and carrots.  So creative.  Happy Mother's day to me:) What a sweet boy!!

just a couple random Sunday dinner pics...

Wesley and Jace

Taylor and Aaron

Field Day

Drake was out at recess during Wesley's field day, and brought Brigg over to play at the playground.  He was the center of attention with a bunch of 4th graders...who knew??


Random Spring...

Spring Break...Fresno CA!!

We packed it in this Spring Break(just like I'm packing in the pictures)!  Brigg went on his first Airplane ride and loved it!!  It was a little loud at first and he wanted to shut the window, but after a little bit he was an old pro.  We flew into San Diego, and did the whole Sea world thing, and then drove to Fresno to see Elder and Sister Jones on their mission there.  We were able to spend a few days with them.  And of course we were welcomed by one of Pam's famous signs.   We went up to see the huge redwoods up by yosemite, drove by the temple and spent a day in the life as a missionary.  It was so neat to be able to see what they do each day and to put a few faces with some names they have written about in their letters.  They are both amazing missionaries, but can't wait til they come back home in January 2013.

 These trees were amazing!  We looked like ants when we were right up close to them.  This is where you can find Pam throughout her days as a missionary.  Her own little quiet spot in her room writing and writing.  And man..does she write the most amazing letters ever!!  What an inspired woman!!  

One of our other excursions was Old Town San Diego.  The mormon battalion( a historic museum for the church) was very cool.  The boys dressed up as olden day heroes, and we also got to pan for gold...


 Sea World was amazing!! Probably one of most favorite parts of the trip.  The Whale show was one of my tops for sure!!  I think the others enjoyed the rides where they got soaked.  Thank goodness for the drying room to get them warm quickly!!

And of course, you cannot go to San Diego without missing this masterpiece!!  This Temple if by far --one of my favorites!!  It is beautiful, but that much more beautiful in person!!  So amazing!!

Last stop....Disneyland!!
We were able to meet up with Garrett and Stace and fam for our last ha-ra of the trip.  Charly was the bravest of all, if only she was just a few inches taller she could have gone on every scary ride.  She was tall enough for tower of terror and space mountain. So much fun with Disney!! Love that place!!

 I think Brigg went on the carousel--oh--50 or more times, not exaggerating!!  He was obsessed with horses at the time.  He was content just riding this one ride the whole trip.  We branched out on a few others but mostly stuck to his favorite.

 We even got to meet a few characters, even Wesley got in on the Princesses---lucky!!
All in all in was an awesome Spring Break!!!