Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big Bubble Blowing!

So last week the kids got party bags from their cousin, Ben's, Birthday Party. Mike snatched a few pieces of bubblegum and was showing the boys all of his big bubbles he was making. They couldn't believe how big he got them. He did quite a few bubbles and the boys popped quite a few too. We happened to catch the biggest one of all on camera.
The Warm-Up...

Charly's trying to get in on the fun.
still warming up..
He's off
big,bigger,huge,humongous,ginormous,gigantic,and...POP!It just kept getting bigger and bigger. I don't think I've ever seen a bubble gum bubble that big. I was pretty impressed with my hubby. I never knew he had such a talent. The boys wanted to be in on the pictures. They love to get their picture taken.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Debbie meets Sushi!

Now don't everyone fall out of your chairs. Big Shocker --I know. I have to say you would all have been very proud of me last night. Everybody knows what a picky eater I am and I am proud to say that I tried sushi for the first time. We went out to dinner with a few friends to this Japanese Steakhouse called Miyama(?). I think you'd be proud of me just for that--in going to a Japanese restaurant(especially Holly and Kent who love Japanese food). Anyway, our friend Justin Klomp convinced me to try sushi and he promised that I would like it--I don't think he realized how bad of a picky eater I am. But to be honest, I did try it, even though it was a very little bite, and it wasn't all that bad. I will definitely never be one of those sushi lovers, but I know my husband is quite amazed at how much I've "grown up" since we've been married in trying new things. I try a lot more things now--I still don't end up liking them, but hey--at least I'll try them now. So I guess I really have't quite fully grown up yet. Maybe once I start liking vegetables I can say I'm a grown up. Oh well--I'm still alive and I feel like I'm pretty healthy so I think I'm ok. Thanks Justin for helping me to impress my husband! By the way--the restaurant was very good and very fun. They cook all the food right in front of you at your table. I've never had better steak in my whole life--Very Good!!!!!

Handsome Boy!

......AFTERYou have to scroll down to find the "...before picture." I have to say he looks great! And he was even excited about it. I didn't know how he'd react by having it so short. He did love his long hair, but I think he'll realize that short hair is much better and you don't get as hot and sweaty(he takes after his Dad!) He loves how it feels too. He's always telling me to feel it, it's definitely a lot different than that mop!
Toothless grin!

Silly faces! Drake is full of them!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Saturday Soccer

Wesley with Coach Rich and his son James. Wesley has been dying to play soccer forever. He's been wearing Drake's old cleats around the house for a few months now and has always wondered when he's going to go to his game. He had his first game last Saturday and had a blast. He is the fastest kid on the team(takes after his mom) and he definitely knows it too. He thinks he is Dash from Incredibles, and to be honest he really does look like Dash when he gets going really fast. He always tells people " watch how speed I can go?" It's pretty fun to watch though, there were kids falling down crying all over the place and kids going to the wrong goal and listening to the wrong coach. It was a little crazy but hilarious to watch. Wesley would stop one of the kids every time from scoring, we need to work on his offensive skills though, because every time he'd get the ball he'd slow down and wouldn't really know how to aim it towards the goal. Slowly but surely he'll learn! Future Soccer Star!!

2 little Monkey's

Drake and Wesley decided they wanted to climb our tree the other day. After a few broken branches and Mom hearing that Wesley actually made it on top of our roof, we decided that climbing that tree was probably not the best idea. Dad pretty much asked me if I was even paying attention to what they were doing, especially hearing that Wesley made it on the roof. I think I went in the house for just a few minutes and he had already made it up and down by the time I got back out. He's just too fast for me. He's a pretty good climber, even with no shoes. I know --what kind of Mom let's their kids climb trees with no shoes--oops! Drake was the star of the week at his school this last week and he had to fill out the poster "All about Me" and he put his favorite thing to do was "climbing trees." I told him that we'd need to find a better tree that would actually hold him without breaking the branches off. Maybe we'll move the climbing to the back yard and try to find a bigger tree.

(picture below) Notice the mop on Drake's head(yes his hair), it is way too long and is just driving me crazy. I don't even know how to fix it any's just ridiculous to try to make it look normal. Anyway this picture is actually the before shot from another picture that I will add later(only because I forgot to take a before shot of when we did actually get it cut.)- He's going to look back at this picture and say "Mom, why did you ever let me have my hair like that?" But really it was his choice to have it long. He has a buddy Cooper that has long hair and he told me he wants it just like that. The only problem is that Drake's hair is a little thicker and different than Cooper's and doesn't quite work as well as his, I think we gave it a long enough try though. We did like it long, it just got a little too long -we still think he's pretty cute though--just the hair had to go!
to be cont........