Friday, October 5, 2007

Saturday Soccer

Wesley with Coach Rich and his son James. Wesley has been dying to play soccer forever. He's been wearing Drake's old cleats around the house for a few months now and has always wondered when he's going to go to his game. He had his first game last Saturday and had a blast. He is the fastest kid on the team(takes after his mom) and he definitely knows it too. He thinks he is Dash from Incredibles, and to be honest he really does look like Dash when he gets going really fast. He always tells people " watch how speed I can go?" It's pretty fun to watch though, there were kids falling down crying all over the place and kids going to the wrong goal and listening to the wrong coach. It was a little crazy but hilarious to watch. Wesley would stop one of the kids every time from scoring, we need to work on his offensive skills though, because every time he'd get the ball he'd slow down and wouldn't really know how to aim it towards the goal. Slowly but surely he'll learn! Future Soccer Star!!


Welcome Hand said...

Wesley, I bet you are a great soccer player just like your mom. Have fun! Love, Grandma

Rachael said...

What a little athlete! I am sure that he runs circles around all the other kids!