Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique--CO style!

Thanks to our good friends, The Gentry's, we were able to recreate the unforgettable experience of the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique! Susan went all out. Charly and Elizabeth were in Heaven all over again! They both went on a little date with their parents to Disney Princess on Ice, and just to get ready for the big night, they were pampered like princesses! Susan fixed their hair just like they did in Cinderella's castle, did their make-up even with pixy dust, and wore their new Ariel dresses! And to top it all off Todd(Elizabeth's Dad) gave them each 1 rose for the special date!
This little sign was posted on her bedroom door to welcome the girls!

Susan spoiled them so much, she even had some juice and cookies
while they were getting all dolled up! So cute!


It's been a while since we've had a toddler around our house, so our child locks don't really exist--yet. Hopefully soon we can get these things back on to prevent this.... from happening often. If it's not oatmeal, its potatoes or cheerios. This kid is always in to something, such a busy boy! But I just love this kid even if he drives me crazy!

how can you get mad at that face?!

Brigg's first steps

Brigg took his first steps about a month after he turned one. It didn't take him long to take off, once he figured it out it was all over, just like my life is right now--over--haha. Welcome to the "chasing stage!" Besides the fact that he is busier than ever now, I love this stage and seeing his face light up of excitement that he just did it even if his arms are helping him balance as he wobbles from place to place. So exciting!

So proud!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brigg's 1st Haircut-1 year old!


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Another one bites the dust!

My little baby turned 1!!! I can't believe it, I guess that's what happens when he's number 4. What a great year we've had spending it with our little Brigg! What an Angel he is! I've never had a happier baby and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for him! He brings a smile to my face every time I think of him! He melts my heart! I love you Brigg!!
Some of his accomplishments at 1:
Words: dada, mama,Jesus(seriously--he really does! he points to all the pictures at the church and says it very clear), uh-oh, shoes, ball(obsessed!!!), eegghh--oh wait--that's not a word but I hear it way too often!!
Sounds: woof woof, oo-oo/aahh aahh(monkey), snorts like a pig, roars like lions, dinosaurs, tigers and bears--really loud!
Actions: waves bye-bye, blows kisses, shoots a b-ball, dribbles a soccer ball, claps, bobs his head when he dances, tries to run, throws a ball.
And now he finally decided to drink milk. He would not have anything to do with it since I stopped nursing in January. His favorite food would have to be fruit snacks--hands down!
Happy Birthday Brigham!

Birthday breakfast time

I know what you are thinking--this boy needs a haircut--
don't worry, next post---1st haircut!!

The 1st cake tradition....
this is just about exciting as it gets. He is following in the footsteps of his older brother Wesley. They both didn't really want anything to do with their cake--so funny and so not like Drake and Charly were!

Drake was dying the whole time watching Brigg try to eat his cake. I could just tell he wanted to help him out so bad. So finally since it was getting very anti climatic with Brigg bringing absolutely no excitement, leave it up to uncle Garrett to say--"hey Drake, do want to try Brigg's cake--go ahead you can have a little bit, Brigg's not going to eat it" Well of course Drake got right on that and got down really close to the cake to take a big bite out of it and next thing you know, Mike shoves Drake's face right into the cake--of course totally planned out by his favorite uncle G. Everybody was dying after that-- I have to say though, that Drake was an awfully good sport about it. I can't say I would be laughing after that much cake all over my face! I think he got a few licks out of it all!

Photography 101

Our very own photographer--Charly got a hold of the camera.
Just a few of her specialties.

Brigg was a little under the weather, but still managed to find his contagious smile!

DISNEYWORLD!!--warning --very long post

Well where to begin??? What an amazing trip we had in January with our wonderful friends the Gentry's--or should we say our tour guides!! The Gentry's aren't just the average family when it comes to Disneyworld, these people dream Disney!! Let's just say they can't remember the last year that they have not been to Disneyworld!! It was so great to just follow them around everywhere we went, I don't think they got too sick of us!? The only bittersweet thing about the trip was missing our little Brigg! He was much better off back home with a sweet little couple in our ward who came to our house and played with him all week! We sure did miss him but were so glad we didn't have him around when we were all enjoying the tower of terror, I don't think he would have appreciated that ride too much. In fact I think Charly wished she would have been home with Brigg when we sort of forced(I mean tricked) her into going on that ride. She was a really good sport and even ended up going on it one more time later. The Gentry's have 3 kids who our kids absolutely adore! There 2nd son Andrew is the same age as Drake and there little girl, Elizabeth is a little older than Charly. They all get along so great! And it even works out that we even love their parents, Todd and Susan! They are such a great family and hopefully they won't mind if we join them next time! We've never had a better trip with our kids, they were in heaven 24/7!!
Charly and Elizabeth

Thank goodness for this thing, these girls were just exhausted by the end of the day!

Can't forget all the characters...

This was the first time Charly saw the "CASTLE" She was in another world!
so dreamy...
the boys..
Drake got a little caught up in the moment as well, everyone else had left but he didn't seem to notice, and then realized later he was all by himself. We had a nice laugh, especially all the boys.
Elizabeth, Todd and Susan
The one night of rain, the whole park cleared out--but not our crew, we got to go on Toy Story 3 as many times as we wanted-so worth it seeing how the normal wait was at least 2 hrs long!!
On the monorail back to our hotel,
Drake found his favorite souvenier--hopefully off the ground..

our 2 little monkeys
This was the coolest tree ever! We called it the tree of life, it was literally amazing! Carvings you would never even imagine! The whole entire tree was covered in amazing carvings of every kind of animal! Truly amazing work! The coolest part about it was inside the trunk of a tree is a whole other world where you go to watch the "bug" show(a definite MUST see in Animal kingdom)
The African Safara was another must see, talk about feeling like you are in Africa itself--this ride was crazy! The animals were just out roaming free and you are in this jeep thing with no doors just driving right through. I have to admit I was a little nervous, but it seemed like the animals could care less what we were doing. It was one of my favorites for sure!

One of Drake's favorites was the Dinosaur ride!

The boys favorites for sure had to be Rock n' Rollercoaster!
I think they hit that one like 50 times!

Elizabeth and Charly winding down in the hotel watching a little movie

Getting ready to go and watch Beauty and the Beast--Charly's favorite!!

Dreams really do come true.....
Breakfast with all the princesses--definitely the way to go!!
I've never seen these girls smile so much!

Arial really got to these boys, they got a little embarrassed...
playin cool
Charly filled up her autograph book by the end of the trip

The Gentry's in France..
The Jones' in France
totally exhausted!
The one thing great about having only 1 girl in the mix is we
get to do fun things like
"Bibbity boppity boutique"
Inside Cinderella's castle and all! Charly was getting ready to turn into a princess herself!!

The finishing touches from the one and only tinkerbell--
pixy dust

2 beautiful girls!

One of the favorites of the trip--Dole whip!