Sunday, September 23, 2007


We met Mike's Mom over at Chatfield Reservoir on Friday night. She goes every year and has us all come and enjoy the lovely fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We didn't brave it out this year and actually sleep in a tent, but we stayed as long as we could until Charly just absolutely couldn't take it anymore. She was so tired she didn't know what to do with herself. She was a little tricky to keep her away from the fire. We were on our toes the whole night chasing her around. She was curious about the fire and just wanted to touch it. I know she was making Grandma very nervous. The boys love camping and fires and they were really sad to know that we weren't really going to camp, but they were pretty good sports and enjoyed the time with their cousins.

Daddy's little Girl!
Gotta love that face!
Me and my boys!
Somewhat of a family picture....Mike and Charly are a little distracted.
Can't get enough of my sweet Charly!

Charly with her cousin's, Afton and Taylor.

Afton and Charly just kickin' back in their


Rachael said...

What a cute family! I love these pictures...Charlie is getting so big!

Bryce and Brit said...

Charly is so cute. I want to see her. Sounds like fun chasing her around. How Fun!
Love you-Brit

Emily said...

I am jealous, wishing we were able to get up the canyon more this summer! Looks like a great time! Boys and fire- is a scary combo huh? If Mike is anything like Glen- He's just as bad as the little ones! I am going to be the one chasing a baby next summer...ugh! Charly is growing up so fast! we miss you guys!

Leah Finch said...

You all are so cute. Charlie is so big!!! We need to get up there! love you all!

Carrie Godfrey said...

I have to say ditto on everyone's comments. Very cute family! Love you

Cardon Family said...

Oh, I can't wait to come to denver! I think the last time I saw Charly she was 5 months old...crazy. She is darling. You are awesome for doing that marathon....I always think that I want to do one and then reality kicks in and I think again and it is all over. Maybe someday. Miss you guys!

Elisha and Scott said...

Way cute!!! Love the photos!

Mcpherson love nest said...

you guys are way ahead of the curve on the blogasphere! what a cute family you are, I cant believe how big Charlie is!!!

Sverre said...

MIke is on a cell phone in a family pic... come on jones.