Sunday, September 23, 2007


We met Mike's Mom over at Chatfield Reservoir on Friday night. She goes every year and has us all come and enjoy the lovely fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We didn't brave it out this year and actually sleep in a tent, but we stayed as long as we could until Charly just absolutely couldn't take it anymore. She was so tired she didn't know what to do with herself. She was a little tricky to keep her away from the fire. We were on our toes the whole night chasing her around. She was curious about the fire and just wanted to touch it. I know she was making Grandma very nervous. The boys love camping and fires and they were really sad to know that we weren't really going to camp, but they were pretty good sports and enjoyed the time with their cousins.

Daddy's little Girl!
Gotta love that face!
Me and my boys!
Somewhat of a family picture....Mike and Charly are a little distracted.
Can't get enough of my sweet Charly!

Charly with her cousin's, Afton and Taylor.

Afton and Charly just kickin' back in their

Monday, September 17, 2007

Half Marathon

Elisha Walton and me!

The morning of the marathon's, on Labor Day, in Colorado Springs. Elisha did her first full marathon and I did my first half-marathon. She was basically my trainer throughout the whole process of getting ready for it. She would tell me how far I need to run on certain days and what I need to eat before the race, she was a big help and I know I would have never ran a race if it wasn't for her telling me I could do it. Only next time I will for sure not forget my ipod. The race wasn't too bad except for that I was pretty bored. I would have really liked to run it with someone--maybe next time--that is if there is a next time. I have to brag about my "trainer," I just like to call her that, but she actually came in second place of all the women that ran the marathon. She finished in 3 hrs. and 32 min. She did so great, but she was hurting at the end--I couldn't believe how fast she ran that. Elisha is trying to convince me to do the full marathon with her. We'll see if I take her up on that or not seeing how I probably would be bored in that one too because she'll run it 10 times faster than I would. All in all it was a great accomplishment for me and I am very glad that I did it!

These were some pictures taken along the way. I wasn't quite smiling for the photos, just trying to keep up my breathing.

I was now smiling knowing I only had a few seconds until I was finished!
The finish line....I made it!
My cute family was there to greet me at the finish line--boy was I glad to see them! My brother John and Kristen and family came to support me too. They actually live there in Colorado Springs.

Friday, September 7, 2007

School Days

Drake's first day at Kindergarten!Mrs. Lawrence and Drake

Drake and Aubrey
These two are together for life. They have been in the same primary class from the beginning and also Preschool. Now they are in the same Kindergarten class. We are really lucky to have cousins so close. They get along like brother and sister. They either love each or they are fighting. Wesley saying "bye" to Drake just waiting for his turn to go to school.

Wesley's First Day of Preschool!

Wesley and Miss Melody
So bigI think he's a little nervous
Drake had to show him the ropes. He's an old Pro!
Wesley just loves school. He even knows everyone's name in his class and he's especially excited because there's a little girl, Afton, in his class just like his favorite cousin whose name is Afton too. Wesley would be happy if he went to school every day of the week. He's always waiting around for Tuesdays and Thursdays.