Monday, February 11, 2008

70's Bash!

Mike's Uncle, "Tiger" turned 50 last week. We all threw him a 70's surprise party. It was a blast, and he was so surprised, especially to see most people dressed up like he used to dress when he was a teenager. In case you don't recognize these people, The Mullet guy is Mike, then Tiger, then me. What a fabulous hairdo!

Tiger and Allison

Jaclyn and Mike
Kerri Meyer and Stace

Luke--otherwise known as "ROCKY"
Jaclyn and me

Garrett and Stace
Garrett and Mike
Wow...what hotties!
We had a great night of disco dancing...and even after all of Mike's awesome 70's moves, his pant's seams are still holding strong!

This is what we found when we returned home....

Needless to say, we had a pretty good laugh when we opened the door.


Kristy said...

That looks like so much fun! What a fun party idea!

Kristy said...

ps. This is Kristy aka former VT.
Sure miss you guys! I hope you got our email with our blog address!

Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

Debbie, What a fun idea for a birthday party. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. It was fun to see Stacey and Garrett. Your boys are so funny, what is it about boys and wanting to take off their shirts. Owen is only 2 and always wants his shirt off... it must be a manley(sp) thing! Take Care!

Stephens Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Love your the pictures of the boys asleep!

Carrie Godfrey said...

You guys are looking hot - Mike especially - love the hair! Drake and Wesley are too funny - they will love those pictures when they are older!

Elisha and Scott said...

How fun and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat costumes. Those are keepers for sure! Love the post party pics too. Looks like those boys had a party of their own!!!!

Rachael said...

These are so funny. No one can party quite like a Jones! It looks like everyone had a blast. The pictures of the boys are hilarious!

Cardon Family said...

you guys look awesome!i love your costumes...i heard that tiger was sooooo suprised and had no idea! that is the best! and i love that picture of drake passed out...classic!

Kristina said...

you guys are hillarious! looks like so much fun! Ben says that there is a striking resemblance of Mike to Dwight (on the office) in the picture with Jaclyn!

Brecken said...

Debbie- you looked great as a red head, very cute. It looks like it was a great time. I love it when people go all out for parties, it makes it that more fun! Loved the picture of Drake, don't loose that one!

Squires Fam said...

WE LOVE YOU GUYS... I am so glad I checked your cute blog.
Your kids are so darling.
Danielle Squires

Larsen Family said...

I'm so excited to have your blog. You family is so super cute. I can't wait to see you guys again.

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Hi Debbie! I just found your blog through Elisha's. Your kids are so cute, and look so much bigger then the last time I saw them!