Monday, March 17, 2008

A trip to the Mountains

Our friends were so kind to invite a bunch of families up to their beautiful cabin for the weekend. We were at Winter Park where the weather couldn't have been better. There were 5 families and 13 kids. We were lucky to bring 2 girls to come and babysit while all the adults went skiing. We did leave the babies at home, so we missed having Charly around, but I'm afraid that the babysitters were probably very glad that we didn't have the babies there. They had their hands full, but they did a very good job. Charly was lucky to stay with her little friend, Molly Walton, and then was in heaven with her cousin, Gabbie. Thanks everyone who helped to make the trip a success--we just hope we'll be invited back next year.

All Bundled up and ready for some sledding.
Billy Lyons, Drake, Soren Watterson, Easton Lyons, Cooper Hoff, and Wesley

Ready for take off.....
(Bill and Wesley)

Drake heading back up for some more fun



Wesley inside the snow cave

Drake and Easton

The 3 Amigos

For more pictures of the trip go to Rachel Lyons blog...I'm sure they'll be on there shortly.

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Lyons Family said...

I'm going to direct people to your blog - I didn't have pics of the kiddos up there - thanks!