Sunday, August 3, 2008


Every other year my sister's and sister-in-law's, get together for a girls getaway. No boys allowed, except for this year we made an exception for my Dad. We went to Utah this year instead of California, where we usually go. It all started off with all of us running in the 10K/5K in SLC. We had all been working up to this run and we all did great, I'm so proud of all my sister's, and also for my cute niece Emily who joined us that morning(we missed Staci, Emily, Tina, and Kristen who couldn't make it this year). Here is a link to some pictures of all of us during the race
Holly, Carrie, Me, Melinda, Sarah, and Emily
(we're feeling "tough" and very glad that the run is over!)
Way to go Girls!!!We spent a couple of days at Sarah's house where we lounged at the pool, read magazines and books, ate lots of treats, and then made it over to her house to play(or at least attempt) Rock Band.

One of the days we went to Thanksgiving Point. We rented these things called Segways, I'd never heard of them before, but they were so nice to sight see around the beautiful gardens. We especially enjoyed watching my Mom try and figure out how to ride them. She doesn't look nervous at all.

Looking over the amazing Gardens!

They had these flowers everywhere, I thought they were gorgeous!
This is Holly and I riding the segways through the gardens

Me and my 4 sisters!
I didn't have my camera for the other events, but we took a day and spent it in Salt Lake. Some of us hadn't ever been to a session at the temple there, so we did that in the morning and amazingly enough, President Uchtdorf was in our session going through with his 2 grandson's who were preparing to go on missions. What a neat experience to have an apostle right close to you. It was so neat to see him and we even got to shake his hand afterward. After the session we ate at the Nauvoo Cafe, and then went and saw the Joseph Smith movie. We shed a few tears in that one, what a great show! After that, we took the trax down to the Gateway and did some shopping, and by the end of the day we were beat! It was pretty hot outside so we were all tired and ready to go back to my Mom's house. We did a lot of eating out at really good restaurants and playing a few games, but mostly just visiting and sleeping in. Gotta love not having any responsibilities. Thanks to our husband's for that. They stayed home with all the kids and sacrificed for us to get together! It's been a great tradition and I'm grateful to have such a great family!
Thanks girls for a wonderful trip. Hopefully we'll see each other soon!
I love you so much!!!


Shirlene said...

So fun! It was fun to have all five daughters together. I'm so proud of all of you for doing such a great job in the races you ran!! I'm glad you all got to see the gardens -- they are beautiful!!

Elisha and Scott said...

What a great tradition to have. I need to start that with my sissy's. Glad it was a good time for ya!

Emily said...

Awww... lots of FUN of course, nothing better than, hangin with sisters, no kids, no responsibility, girl talk and sad that I missed it!! believe me... It won't happen again... I love the Huber girls!!

Emily said...
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The Hillan Family said...

You are always doing something fun! I love it!