Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here we GO!!!!!

We did it....we finally gave in to FOOTBALL!! We always knew this day would come and once it did-- there was no turning back. Drake started his first year of "flag" football. He is especially excited, not only to play football like his Dad's always dreamed he would do, but he gets to play FOR his Dad. Yep---Mike is the new Junior Buffs Flag football COACH!! Oh and what a team they are. Mike seems to be questioning his coaching abilites after watching the team run the offense they practiced, but yet it was no where to be found, or how to teach the boys how to pull a flag, he just thought everyone knew how to do this. Well let's just say that we are glad that nobody keeps score and Drake thinks every game they tie. Drake's had 2 games and there's definitely been a slight improvement from the first 10 minutes of the first game until now. But the buff's are looking at a double header coming Saturday and watch out, they've installed a NEW offense. The coach has figured it out, you're not going to see that flag pulled before we even start the offense, but we are going to see some major runs to the endzone(I don't know if they even know what it looks like)!
They really aredoing much better and is pretty fun to watch. Most of them this is there first year of football and are new to everything. Mike is a great coach and very patient with each one of them. I think he really is enjoying watching and coaching his first boy. We are so excited for Drake, he is really enjoying football! It is so fun to see the excitement in his eyes when he acts out his run to the endzone when he scored a touchdown in practice. Hopefully he'll remember what he did in practice and score a touchdown in the game!
Good Luck Buffs!
Drake's biggest fans!
Charly and Gabbie
resting on the sidelines

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Kristy said...

How fun! Isaac is doing tackle football for the 2nd year and the worry on my end is boggling! But he loves that he is actually "encouraged" to tackle other boys! So much I am telling he and Josh to stop wrestling! I love watching them play though and seeing them love something like this! Yeah! Go Drake!