Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Drake's got a bloody Nose"

Well come to find out, the bloody nose was the least of my worries. On Tuesday afternoon I was on the computer (probably blogging) and all of a sudden, I hear this horrible scream from the backyard. I knew it wasn't good. You just know those certain screams are serious and this one was one of those. I get outside and Wesley is running up to me "Mom, Drake has a bloody nose!" I go over to Drake, who is standing on one foot limping, and his whole face is covered in blood. He is standing under our huge cottonwood tree so I knew this couldn't be good. He is screaming bloody murder and won't stop. I throw him on my back( I wished it was that easy) and took him in on the couch. By then, his ankle was twice as big as normal. It was so swollen I knew something wasn't right. I tried to get him to calm down--take deep breaths--"I CAN'T!" he says--screaming again and again! I was trying to figure out what happened but I can't get anything out of him, so I go and get some ice, but of course -what kid likes ice on their wound--NONE--he definitely wouldn't let me do that because it killed even worse. So by now I'm frantic wondering what to do. I knew he needed to go to the ER, but I only knew of the one that was downtown which is 30 minutes away. No way was I going there, there had to be one closer -right? So I called Jenn(my sister-in-law) who's had several experiences in the ER with her kids not breathing, so she would definitely know. Well sure enough there was one I could go to that was only 10 minutes away. Thank goodness, I don't know if I could have listened to that piercing scream for 30 minutes. Luckily I have awesome neighbors who dropped everything they were doing and came right over to watch Wesley and Charly--who was sleeping. I felt so bad for Drake, he looked miserable. I'm just trying to talk to him to get him distracted of the pain, so I asked him how it all happened and what happened. I guess he was sitting on the branch of the tree(probably about 6 or so feet up), lost balance and fell off forward. He must have landed on all the big roots and twisted his ankle and then fell forward and messed his eye and face up pretty good. He looked terrible. Come to find out later, he said it was Wesley's fault because he wiggled the branch he was sitting on. That was no big surprise that he would blame it on Wesley---but Wesley did say it was an accident, but who knows what really happened? So anyway--I called Mike and he said he would meet me at the ER. So off I went. Everything went very smoothly. They cleaned up his face, did X-rays, and gave him some pain killer. He finally calmed down after a little while, but you could tell he was in a lot of pain. Mike was so shocked when he got there he was secretly laughing at what Drake looked like. He took some pictures and emailed them to some people, the first one he took all he said on it was "bummer" and the next picture he said "ouch." Sooo rude -I know. Even though you feel so bad for Drake, you just sort of laugh because it is so bad and you know he's just fine. So most of these pictures are from Mike's phone, so they're not the best. After checking the X-rays out, they said he had fractured both sides of the ankle bone, so there won't have to be any surgery. And his eye wound wasn't bad enough to get stitches, so they only had to do this glue stuff which was awesome. So we are definitely counting our blessings. He could have been a lot worse! They put a splint on his ankle to help stabilize it, and then once the swelling goes down they will put a cast on it. It looks like monday morning we will get that put on. I asked him what color of cast he's going to have and he said Red! I think he's ready to get that on, it will be a lot more comfortable than the splint. He's excited to have people sign it, but not too hip on using the crutches, so I've basically been carrying him wherever he needs to go. I'm just hoping I don't have back problems after this weekend, that boy is a tank!!!!! I sure am glad when Mike gets home so he can do the hard part!
Well---Hopefully he learned his lesson about not climbing trees, but today our neighbor was talking to him and said "so when are you gettin back in that tree again?" And he said "after I get my cast off,"----boys will be boys I guess! They just never learn!
Picture #1

Picture #2
He was pretty wiped out, so it was nice that he fell asleep for a minute!

Day 2

Day 3
He's definitlely milkin' this injury for all it's worth. He's pretty much in heaven. I think he's gotten more "prizes" than he has for his birthday and more treats than he could even imagine- He doesn't have to go to school and he gets to watch tv all day. What a life! Oh yah --and you can't forget all his "servants" as he would call them. He says he has lots of them. This is the bed we set up for him in our room, to make him more comfortable. It his so hard trying to get that boy to elevate that foot. We'll take what we can get -I guess.

Yesterday it was really nice, so he decided he wanted to go outside and see all the kids playing. So we gathered all the pillows and some blankets to make him comfortable out there and he probably stayed out there for at least 4 hours. I think he just enjoyed the change of scenery. He has many fans. I didn't have my camera that day, but I think just about every neighbor kid was huddled around him as they were putting together his new legos on the blanket. His "uncle" Rich, brought him some new legos at the hospital and Drake has not left him alone to have him help put it together, so he was there putting it together out on the blanket. Drake is quite popular one! I'm sure he loves all the attention---who wouldn't?? He deserves it!

We tried going outside again today, but we didn't last as long because it was a little chilly. Charly is trying to make Drake feel better in the picture below. His brother and sister have been so sweet to him. (if only he would appreciate it back-) The other night we actually found Wesley in the bathroom as we were all sitting around talking in their room. He was in there saying a little prayer for Drake. He always blesses him to feel better and has helped him with getting things he needs all the time. He has been so great! Maybe someday Drake will appreciate his younger brother. There's hope!
Wish me luck for our long weekend of service to my sweet, lovely, Drake! He's pretty demanding at times, but just looking at that face, makes you almost want to cry. I keep imagining him falling and it makes my heart just ache. I feel so bad for him, so I will serve him till the end--even if he drives me crazy! Poor guy!!


Shirlene said...

What sweet brother and sister to help Drake feel better. Drake, we are so sorry for your accident. Hope you feel better real soon!!

Brecken said...

you are a good women Deb. Poor Drake, those pics of him aren't too pretty. I hope your back survives this!

Jo said...

We had to take Kai to the same ER..I recognized the beds! Poor Drake, his face looks so sad. I hope he gets feeling better soon. Let me know if I can help out. I can watch the kids while Drake gets his cast on, if you need :) Good luck this weekend!

Emily said...

oh man, that is not pretty, poor kid! Accidents are so scary... it's hard to be the mom sometimes you have to be the strong one making decisions and reassuring the kid... when inside you feel so unsure- and scared too...that's how it is for me anyway:)I'm sure you did great and are the best little nurse/servant for Drake. Evan is still trying to use his concussion... last night while folding laundry, he said his legs were tired maybe from when he flew off the tube? (ya right 3 weeks ago?) and last week when he forgot his homework he said it was because it's hard to remember after you've had a concussion... although funny and maybe a bit cute for one second it's ridiculous! kids are so smart and they know all about the guilt factor and a mom's soft heart! good luck and we wish big D a fast recovery for his sake and yours too!! hang in there!!

Danielle and Fam said...

Is this your first break??? I hate seeing my kids in pain. It sounds like you stayed strong, I can't believe you can still pick Drake up. Sorry for him and YOU!

Kristy said...

You're a sweet Mom Deb. It is hard all around when they're sick. They do get bossy sometimes and you know they feel so horrible! Make sure you get a massage after this is all done!

jkhuber said...

Ouch! I've got to admit, that is pretty funny.

I remember falling out of a tree when I was in scouts. It knocked the wind out of me and I was in pain for a bit. But, what I think is funny is that as soon as I hit the ground I jumped up and looked around to see if anyone had seen me fall - it's kind of embarassing to fall out of a tree!

My theory is that the younger ones milk it and the older ones try to ignore it. :)


Courtney said...

What a tough boy!! I just imagine Drake falling out of the tree and then milking everything afterward for all that it is worth!! How is the cast? Does he think that it is still pretty cool?? Hope he is doing better and that you are hanging in there.