Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blessing Day!

Jones Kids

My 3 sons! Oh so different, but all so special!

All the men in the circle.
Mike gave Brigg the most amazing blessing. What a special day we'll always remember.
Uncle Tiger, Uncle Luke, Grandpa Jones, Brigg and Dad, Grandpa Paul, and Uncle Garrett

Brigg's biggest fans. Here they are again--back to CO!
We sure love Grandma Shirlene and Grandpa Paul! Thanks for your support!

Cash(Mamie's boy) and Brigg


Shirlene said...

What a special day! And, what special people to share it with.

Elisha and Scott said...

Love Blessing Day! How special! God is amazing that he gives us these precious children! Congrats you guys....he is very precious!