Friday, June 25, 2010

8 years old!

My boy turned 8 years old today!!  Hard to believe it was 8 years ago that we started our family!!  Drake has been so much fun to raise, not always easy, but there's never a dull moment with "Big D!"  Here he's having his traditional birthday breakfast with the fam.  As you can see it was morning and we are all lookin alive.  Hopefully he won't kill me later for posting this pic....lookin good Drake!!  I love you buddy!

One of Drake's favorite presents was this big bag of pistachios.  Yes he is obsessed--you would think he got a big bag of chocolate or something!  Funny Kid!


As most of us know, Drake is obsessed with lizards --really any type of creature-- so for his birthday we gave him a leopard Gecko.  He's got quite the collection of creatures in his room-consisting of his garter snake, 3 lizards, 1 gecko, and just as of recently-a frog.  It will be very interesting to see who Drake turns out to be when he grows up.  I would be surprised if it didn't have to do with some kind of animal.

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Elisha and Scott said...

You have an 8 year old?????? WOW. Happy bday Drake.