Friday, July 30, 2010


Every other year I get the privilege of getting together with all my sisters and sister-in-laws and Mom for a much needed sisters' trip! We all go to my sister, Melinda's house in Northern CA. It's the most perfect spot where we all just vedge. She's got a fabulous pool in her back yard and tons of yummy restaurants close--so what more could we ask for? This year we all enjoyed the farmers market in her little town of Lincoln. We have an aunt that lives pretty close to Melinda, so she and her daughter came to hang out and go to dinner with us too.
Sarah, me, Holly, Carrie and Brigg

A lot of time was spent on our laptops much to Sarah and Melinda's dismay. They were pretty bored of computers by the end of the trip. There's just always something to be done on the computer which we can't usually get to with all our kids around, so now that us mom's are kidless, it's finally a time to get caught up with things--sorry--Sarah and Melinda!!

Emily, Sarah, and Holly

Brigg was the only child on the trip and boy was he spoiled. Lots of Aunts to take care of him. He was a great boy and loved the water. It was fun having the only baby there, but have to say I do enjoy the sister's trips a lot better with no children!

Mom, Holly, Aunt Loralee

The whole gang at Red Robin

Did I mention that we had our own cook the whole time too? Good 'ol Staci was always making something for us whether it be dinner or some delicious cookies! And she even cleaned up for us too, we pretty much stayed at a fancy hotel. She's the best! Thanks Staci!

Of course we have to throw in some craft time since I have the most crafty sisters ever.
My Mom brought all the stuff to make these cutest flowers.

Brigg and Aunt Sarah--pucker up!

OH I just love this boy!!!

All my sisters and one of my sister-in-laws.
We missed Kristen and Tina this year! Aren't they all so beautiful!!

traditional kissy face--
with some not so traditional background faces!!

Mom and Sarah

Holly and Emily

Staci and Melinda(Most amazing hosts!!!)

Carrie and I


Shirlene said...

That was a fun time!!!

Brecken said...

Deb, you look great! What a fun trip with your sisters. It was so fun to see you lasr week. We need to do that more often...hopefully when school starts!

Carrie Godfrey said...

ohhh, it was so fun!! I am ready to go back! Love you

j&jwebbfamily said...

What an awesome trip. You all look so great.

Elisha and Scott said...

Looks like tons of fun. I love sisters!!!!! and sisters, vacations and no kids? almost heaven! :) love all the pics!