Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There's nothing like finding out 2 days before Thanksgiving that you are hosting!!! Mike's sweet Aunt, who's house it's traditionally at each year, got so sick right before the big feast. Well since Garrett and Stacey always host Christmas Eve, we were next in line for this holiday! So this is what we threw together at the last minute. It ended up being just perfect and Allison was even able to get out of the hospital and make it over for a little feast for herself. We were so glad that she was ok! There really wasn't much rearranging when the location changed to our house. Everybody still had their same assignments and we went from there. I'm just glad I had the rolls--I can handle that job. There's way too much pressure to master anything else with this Jones Family Thanksgiving. It's not just Thanksgiving--it's A THANKSGIVING FEAST!!! I think I would have to say that half of Mike's siblings agree that Thanksgiving is there favorite holiday--why you ask? Because they are thankful for there jiblet gravy(it really has jiblets in it), nana's mystery stuffing, and of course we can't forget Tanna's deviled eggs, she thought she could get out of this year, but because they are tradition you know her brother Mike would not let that slide--he literally told her she has to bring the deviled eggs. They seriously are so nuts about this food, and it's really good and all but not "giddy" good(he really does get "giddy" just thinking about it) Yes, I have to say he was a little disappointed when he had to go to the Huber Thanksgiving in Montana--not because our food wasn't good, but because he was missing HIS Thanksgiving!! Pathetic I know! Here's a few shots from the big day!

Charly, Tessa, and Afton waiting to eat at their special table
Wesley had the best seat in the house, with all the GIRLS!!! He loved it!
Gabbie, Drake, Aubrey, and Taylor
Austyn and Brigg
These 2 little munchkins couldn't keep their lips off each other, they just loved giving kisses the whole day! Must be another one of those cousin crushes!

Stacey and Austyn
(you would never know she has 6 girls--she is just beautiful!!)
Me and my Son!
Uncle Luke with sidekick--Brigg
And of course--how could we forget football on Thanksgiving!
Like Father like Son!
Charly and Uncle Blake
testing out the wishbone...
Wesley, Blake and Gabbie


Elisha and Scott said...

Looks like it turned out great! Love new posts!

Sarah said...

I love seeing pictures of the Jones fam!! You can come "last minute" prep at my house anytime. It looks soooo good!