Sunday, March 27, 2011

Preparing for Christmas! (I know, I know--it's March!?!)

Trying to get a kid pic with there Christmas outfits on.
I guess this will just have to do, they weren't too cooperative with the posing :)
we'll take that cute pose anyday!

All bundled up to go caroling for cans

Annual Christmas Eve Night at Garrett and Stacey's house

Family pic
(minus Brigg--not sure where he was??--I think he was asleep)
The little girls special table

Some of the cousins--man they're growing up fast!!!

Best Buddies!!!
Wesley sure knows all the tricks with Brigg, he just adores him!!
My 3 handsome sons!! Love them!
Getting ready for the nativity play...all the precious angels!
some shepherds...
and you can't forget, Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus..

Christmas morning soon to come....


Shirlene said...

So fun to see your pictures! Even if it is March - I still love it!!

Elisha and Scott said...

Thanks for getting caught up! I know it can be overwhelming!!!!