Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wesley's Baptism!!

2 out of the 4 of my kids are now Baptized!! CRAZY!! I think that means I'm just getting older. Wesley had an amazing day for his baptism. It was unique in that he got to get baptized in Utah. It was great to have so many family members there to be there with him on his special day! Thanks to his very talented, Aunt Carrie, who made these cute invitations!!

Lookin Studly in his new suit...

Pretty soon-before I know it- this little guy will be getting dunked too!!
Wesley was blessed to be baptized by his Dad

Wesley's cousin Emily and Aunt Sarah both have amazing voices and sang such a beautiful song for him. His Aunt Tina accompanied them on the piano(she is amazing too) . We are grateful to have such talented family!!

Grandma Shirlene did a special talk on "Baptism." We sure missed Grandma Jones who, even though she's gone on a mission, still made Wesley his special Baptism board(she makes one for each grandchild). Grandma Shirlene used it in her talk as well!! Grandpa Paul gave the talk on the Holy Ghost which was quite the hit with the kids. Rumor has it that the other grandkids are requesting Grandpa Paul to speak at their baptisms in the future. He had some great props that he gave to Wesley for his talk.

The Priesthood circle--yep--they're all family!! What a good lookin bunch!!
Eric, Kent, Glen, Matt, Mike, Dad, Blake, Garrett, Brandon, and

I sure love this boy!! Wesley is a sweet spirit and just came the sweet boy that he is! I can't take credit for his sensitive demeanor. He loves life and most importantly people and always tries to do what's right!! He is an awesome example to his friends and his classmates especially in Primary. There have been countless times that we hear what a great boy Wesley is in his primary class. There is a sweet little girl with minor speech problems in his class. Her parents have told us how thankful they are to Wesley in making her feel comfortable when others maybe aren't treating her as nice. I am so excited to see who this little boy grows up to be(as long as he doesn't do it too fast)
I love you Wesley!!

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Shirlene said...

That was a special day! And, Wesley is such a sweet boy, we are grateful for him!!