Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random SUMMER fun!

Wesley and cousin Aaron

Just hangin while Charly is at swimming lessons

Let's play some football...DOWN, SET, HIKE!
 nice tackle

A day at the LAKE

 Drake's a pro!

our perfect flag boy

Date night with some good friends from High School...
Brandon and Sallie Stephens

trying to make a few extra dollars around here.  Summer "Gadorade" stand -
-hoping all the bikers will make a pit stop for an ice cold drink.

Soakin up the sun at PIRATES COVE

Enjoying our good friends beautiful mountain home just minutes from our house, the kids were in heaven with these fun machines...

Wesley took first place in a Speed camp getting him ready for his 1st year of tackle football

And of course, you can't forget the dentist.  We always have to squeeze that fun appt. in--in the summer.  As you can see, Wesley and Charly were thrilled with their cavities.  We won't say how many Charly had---yikes!! you can probably tell by her smile that it wasn't just 1--haha!!
 and Brigg was cavitity free--only cause he didn't even go:)

And we can't forget the end of summer sleepover with cousins!!  Now if only Charly had a sister, she'd fit right in with her 2 pairs of sister cousins.  
 I guess a brother will do for now

Date night with G and Stace and sweet little Jace!!

Drake and his creative juices flowin....a real volcano that even explodes.

And you can't forget the 3 stooges---they are somethin else!!  You gotta keep your eyes on these 3, they either LOVE each other or they are scratching each others eyes out.  It's mostly instigated by that sweet little monster in the middle.  Too cute!!
 Swim day at the JONES' resort

Love when they line "em all up!!
 Just having a very important conversation in the sand box

And how do you go through a summer without a lemonade stand. 
 Here's to my sweet enterpreneurs!
Happy Summer of 2012

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Elisha and Scott said...

Love all the updates! Congratulations on your marathon! Totally rocked it chica! And Cute cute kids!!!! Miss you guys!