Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fabulous FALL!!

Well it's not FALL unless there's a little--or I should say A LOT, of FOOTBALL!!
Brigg got really good at surviving all of the boys games.  As long as he had his animals and a little dirt, he was set.  He was such a trooper during the LONG season.  

Wesley's game under the lights

Mom and Brigg decided to take a field trip to the temple ( well THAT and we had to go pick up a few necessities at the distribution center), so why not get a few pics on the beautiful temple grounds!

Wesley was chosen MVP of his Football game, so they give him a huge fancy belt to keep for the whole week.  He felt pretty awesome, I'm sure.


It seems like every FALL we get a much awaited visit from Aunt Melinda.  We are lucky that one of her offices for her work is in Denver, We love when she comes to visit!! 
 Melinda coming to CO=ice-cream of course!!

Brigg always likes to sit in the big cart, so it's always tricky trying to fit all the food around him. 
 We love our Costco trips almost every week these days!!  YIKES!!

First snowfall of the year!  

My big helper

Charly has fallen in LOVE with cartwheels and gymnastics.  She goes around the house nonstop flipping and twirling and doing backbends and tricks.  She has really become quite the gymnast, which these days, is what she wants to be when she grows up. It has been fun seeing her improve so much!!  We finally got her in a gymnastics class that she just loves!

 LOVE this relationship!

BEST of friends!!

This boy lives with a sucker in his hand it seems :) 
such a good Mom I know!!

One Sunday afternoon, we took a trip up to Lookout Mtn.  What a beautiful view!!  No wonder Grandma Jones loves to go to this place!!  We live in a beautiful part of the world!!
Family Picnic

On our way home from lookout mtn.  We saw some fun animals and stopped to take a peak.  Well this cutest little couple was outside and asked us if we wanted to feed them.  So the next thing you know, the kids are feeding chickens and donkeys.  Who would of thought:)
Love nice people!! It made there day!

One day it's sunny and warm and the next day is this....
 Gotta love CO weather!!

crazy hair day

family bowling night!

yet another costco run!!  We added Charly this time:)
Happy FALL!!

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Shirlene said...

Fun pictures. Looks like you have had a good time!