Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy "late" Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt. Mike is getting all the kids excited for the hunt and making sure the big kids know all the rules. They had to let the little ones get a head start before they took all the eggs.

Baby Elena
Charly has found some eggs.
She loved every minute of it. She had it figured out this year that you can't just find one and open it, but you have to keep going and find more and more to put in your basket. It was so cute to watch her get so excited when she had found an egg.
The Gang(with a few extras)

Easter morning...

I just had to put this picture in because of Drake's mischeivious face. He must love those peeps!
Charly in her Easter Dress
This is the best we could do for an Easter picture. It was bad timing for the sun and it was as we were heading out the door for church. We still think they're pretty cute...squints and all!


Carrie Godfrey said...

glad to see you have posted again. Love the easter pictures. Charly looks so grown up and adorable (the boys do too, of course!) Love you

Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

Cute Easter Pictures.. I was hoping that you would post some. Your kids are so cute! Thanks again for the letting me know about the Layers party... let me know if you have another in the future. Love my shirts! Hope all is well and the weather in Denver is treating you guys well! Happy Spring!

Danielle and Fam said...

It's about time you posted girl! Your easter picture looks like ours... squinty! You are all so cute! Happy late Easter!

Sarah said...

I miss that little girl! She looks adorable!! Tell your family hi for me. Love you!

Cardon Family said...

i love that picture of charly trying to get the egg on the cute!!

Kristy said...

The kids are growing up so fast Deb! They are adorable! If it makes you feel better I haven't posted our Easter Pics either. So to me, your way ahead of the game!