Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Break in UTAH!

We had a fun trip to Utah over Spring Break. We visited Grandma and Grandpa Huber, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Eric and Aunt Tina, and Uncle Glen and Aunt Emily. The trip was extra special to have 2 of my sisters and their kids come from Missoula, MT. We had lots of fun watching old home movies, eating, and trying to entertain all 14 of our kids.
All the kids at Hogle Zoo

Grandma was so nice to push Charly around so I could run around with the other boys
Drake with the Elephant.
I think I took a picture of him with every single animal at the zoo by his request!
Uncle Kent holding Charly's hand. So cute!
The 3 Amigos...I mean the 3 Bronco's!!!
(Jake, Drake, and Wesley)

...Enough said
Charly gave up on all the animals. She somehow managed to get comfortable in the stroller to take a snooze........looks like somebody else found a comfortable spot.
The Slumber party. Grandma and Grandpa's basement was just perfect for the sleepover. Kids were lined up everywhere and actually managed to get some sleep.

The boys had so much fun with all their cousins!

Charly ...the future pianist

(Sorry babe, I think it's time we look into that baby Grand I've been wanting-look how natural she looks on that thing)

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Shirlene said...

So fun to have everyone here!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. We look forward to the girls coming in July!!!