Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Charly Dear!

Our baby is 2, it's so hard to believe how fast these last 2 years have gone. I can't tell you how fun it is to have a 2 year old around the house. She is so full of life and grasping every minute of it--and even keeping up with her 2 big brothers. She's learning great wrestling techniques and even taking them down every now and again--she'll throw her share of punches too. Just lately after the boys have seen "Kung Fu Panda," she's been learning all kinds of karate moves and even has the "hai Ya" sound effects. She'll stub her toe and kinda cry and say "kill" a term meaning "that killed" heard from the boys quite frequently. Even though she comes across as pretty tough, she still remembers that she's a sensitive precious little girl even with all the boy influences around her. She loves little babies and I'll catch her singing to them, bouncing them, and rocking them to sleep--oh so cute--girls are just way too fun! I love her so much right now! She just brings a smile to my face every second of the day. I can't even get mad at her when she calls me "meanie"(a wonderful endearing term used at her mother and on rare occasion to her father, that she learned from her brothers) I just have to laugh. She is talking so much and making our whole family crack up laughing at her little quirky things she does. What would I do without my sweet Princess?
I love you Charly!
Charly is trying to figure out how to get those 2 fingers to work ...
still trying, can't quite figure out how to get the other ones down. She'll get it soon enough. Charly and all her presents
Charly's first nightgown, she would wear it every night if she could.
I think the "girl" thing is rubbing off a little bit on Drake. He's liking these babies. What a great big brother!


Shirlene said...

What a cute 2 year old! Looks like a fun birthday! Enjoy the time, it goes pretty fast.

Elisha and Scott said...

that is too cute. why weren't we invited to some sort of 2 yr old party? hello?

Cardon Family said...

she is so dang cute! that is hilarious that she will call you "meanie" sometimes....ahahha...i think that is so funny. i can't believe that she is two already! man time flies!!