Monday, July 14, 2008

Lake Powell

We took a trip to Lake Powell with a bunch of great friends over Memorial Day. After a few minor delays(that's a whole other story--but to make it short, our car died on the way up Vail pass pulling our boat. Thanks to our friend's SUV and finding a rental car, we were able to keep on truckin'--and in the end I got a new car--wahoo!!!) we finally made it to the most beautiful place on earth! Mike and I would do this vacation over anything! We love it! Thanks to all who made it that much better.

Me, Cami and Jocelyn

Mike is on his way to the SUPERMAN!

This is me thinking I am going super high--man it sure felt like I went a lot higher than that. I'm too big of a wimp. Maybe someday I'll clear the wake.

The boys even came up with their own Yoga class. It was hilarious to watch all of our big husbands trying to stretch out after a few bad falls.

Me and my cute sis!


Shirlene said...

Looks like you had a great time. You look good Deb!!

Kristy said...

Looks so fun! Our week is coming up next week and we are way excited! This is our favorite place also! Did the boat do o.k. for you guys? Is there anything you'd recommend bringing?

Elisha and Scott said...

So fun to finally see new photos. We'll have to make the trip to Powell with ya sometime. Too bad my husband has to work. ;)