Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Charly Dear!

Our baby is 2, it's so hard to believe how fast these last 2 years have gone. I can't tell you how fun it is to have a 2 year old around the house. She is so full of life and grasping every minute of it--and even keeping up with her 2 big brothers. She's learning great wrestling techniques and even taking them down every now and again--she'll throw her share of punches too. Just lately after the boys have seen "Kung Fu Panda," she's been learning all kinds of karate moves and even has the "hai Ya" sound effects. She'll stub her toe and kinda cry and say "kill" a term meaning "that killed" heard from the boys quite frequently. Even though she comes across as pretty tough, she still remembers that she's a sensitive precious little girl even with all the boy influences around her. She loves little babies and I'll catch her singing to them, bouncing them, and rocking them to sleep--oh so cute--girls are just way too fun! I love her so much right now! She just brings a smile to my face every second of the day. I can't even get mad at her when she calls me "meanie"(a wonderful endearing term used at her mother and on rare occasion to her father, that she learned from her brothers) I just have to laugh. She is talking so much and making our whole family crack up laughing at her little quirky things she does. What would I do without my sweet Princess?
I love you Charly!
Charly is trying to figure out how to get those 2 fingers to work ...
still trying, can't quite figure out how to get the other ones down. She'll get it soon enough. Charly and all her presents
Charly's first nightgown, she would wear it every night if she could.
I think the "girl" thing is rubbing off a little bit on Drake. He's liking these babies. What a great big brother!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Big Day!

My good friend from High School got married the same weekend I was in Logan. It was so great to see most of the gals that I haven't seen in so long. Paige looked amazing, what a beautiful bride!
Katy, Brittany, Marasol, Paige, Me, Danya, and Sallie

Back to Logan!

My sister Carrie and I were able to head up to Logan for a few days after our reunion. We stayed at our brother, Glen's house. They just moved back there from Lehi and absolutely love it at their new home. It is just beautiful and in a perfect part of town. They are surrounded by horses and farms and lots a land and the mountains right behind them. My kids had so much fun hanging out with their cousins, exploring, eating, roasting marshmallows, going to the zoo, feeding the horses and keeping an eye on the chickens. Thanks to Glen and Emily for being such great hosts, we had a fabulous time!
Sam and Charly trying to figure out the slip n' slide..
Gotta love the CHUB! Check out that belly!
Cute little Gabriel!
Drake must have some pretty good bounce for them, seeing that he's the only one on the ground. He was just helping everyone else get high, I'm sure he wasn't trying to be high at all.

I think he just needed to be alone, now he's catching some air!
devouring the fudgesicle
some of the cousins....
Jake, Drake, Evan, Maddie, Eli and Sam on the bottom
(Wesley's probably feeding the chickens)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Fun!

We had a great time at Aspen Grove this year. With our kids being a little older, I think it was even more fun to watch them enjoy themselves so much. We went with my whole family, all my brother's and sister's and all of their kids. It was the most relaxing time I've had all year. I recommend this family reunion to anyone, just go to http://aspen.byu.edu/ and check it out. Your kids are taken care of mostly all day, they cook every meal for you, plus there is so many activities to choose from and even special seminars for adults and you are surrounded with an amazing scenery--beautiful!!! We look forward to next year where we get to go with my whole extended family on my mom's side--over 100 people. So much fun!!Wesley and Drake doing a little rock climbing!
The boys performing skits in their groups.

Charly and Mom
Aunt Sarah and Princess Charly

Mom, Dad, Mike and my sister Melinda
My mom and Dad with all the grandkids

Charly and her Dad!
What a precious smile!

waiting to ride the train..
here we go.
My cutest little nephew, Griffin(John's boy)
couldn't be happier!

Never ending slip n' slide

Lake Powell

We took a trip to Lake Powell with a bunch of great friends over Memorial Day. After a few minor delays(that's a whole other story--but to make it short, our car died on the way up Vail pass pulling our boat. Thanks to our friend's SUV and finding a rental car, we were able to keep on truckin'--and in the end I got a new car--wahoo!!!) we finally made it to the most beautiful place on earth! Mike and I would do this vacation over anything! We love it! Thanks to all who made it that much better.

Me, Cami and Jocelyn

Mike is on his way to the SUPERMAN!

This is me thinking I am going super high--man it sure felt like I went a lot higher than that. I'm too big of a wimp. Maybe someday I'll clear the wake.

The boys even came up with their own Yoga class. It was hilarious to watch all of our big husbands trying to stretch out after a few bad falls.

Me and my cute sis!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old Pictures--but New to you!

I know I've been horrible in this blogging thing, and I'm still not quite ready to get pictures on here, but I will be back shortly. I have this link ... share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AbsXDRm1bs2Px that I put on shutterfly with a bunch of old pictures that I haven't shared. These are just a bunch of random pictures of the last couple months, and I will be adding more of our last vacation of 2 1/2 weeks to Utah that was an absolute blast. Stay tuned......