Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our Annual Christmas Eve dinner at Garrett and Stacey's. They always do a wonderful job, and the food this year was extraordinary!!!! Drake, Wesley, and Charly with almost all of their cousins. After Dinner, all the cousins exchanged their presents, and boy were they excited!

Charly and her new purse with lots of "girly" things inside

such a girl face..
Wesley got a rope and his new favorite "High School Musical 3" CD

Drake and his "Easy Bake Oven"----don't even ask...
We'll be blaming Stacey if he decides to take a different direction later on.
Mike wasn't too thrilled about it, but Drake sure was. He loved it-at least after some explaining. Now he can cook up those cookies just like his cousin Evan and Tyler. They're not just for girls-right?--at least that's what Stacey said (even though the first thing Drake said when he opened it was "but this is for girls")--I was right there by him knowing that he might make such a comment, so of course I quickly started talking it up. That it was blue, and it's really cool cause your cousin Evan has it too and you get to make cakes and cookies and all kinds of stuff. Once I mentioned real food, he was sold. The next day we baked everything it had to offer.

The infamous Nativity.....our 2 shepherds


Shirlene said...

I loved seeing your Christmas eve activities. And, what cute kids!!

Emily said...

The majority of the most famous chef's in the world are boys Mike...get a grip! :)I love a man who can cook, just ask Glen... his mother taught him well!! Evan loves his easy bake oven, thinks girls are cute and plays football too... well rounded is what we're going for right!! We had so much fun spending time with you over the holidays and are hoping to see you for spring break... lots of love!