Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Morning

Not your typical Christmas morning, but this is what our kids were doing. HELLO-----it is CHRISTMAS!!! The one day they sleep in, had to be today! This is the day you wake up at 6:00 isn't it? At least that's what I did when I was a kid. I guess Santa isn't that exciting to them yet?After we nudged at them forever(they were in a deep sleep) they finally decided to wake up. It wasn't until 8:30 when they made it to the stairs to await the arrival of Santa's gifts.here is our lovely family portrait before the magic begun!don't we all look so alive!!Charly was in Girl Heaven! She got everything she could ever ask for(notice I'm sure her favorite--the pink soccer ball)

Drake and his art stuff, and bakugon game(whatever that is-who knows?-I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!)
Wesley got a pogo stick. He is quite the master at it now. At first he was up to 3 or 4 jumps, but now he is hopping all over the house, from room to room, I think his record now is something like 104------he's crazy! He's almost caught up with his Grandpa Paul, who supposedly was THE POGO STICK CHAMP--back in the day!


Elisha and Scott said...

how fun to see the kids and you and mike as well. we miss you guys tons. sorry i was out of town when you were in town. glad christmas was good for ya'll. what did you and mike get?

The Valladolid's said...

Yeah!! Updates. Your family on Christmas morning looks about as awake as we did. However, Hudson was up at 6:30. That's his normal waking hour though.

Shirlene said...

You have some great "sleepers." So cute!! I wonder what next Christmas will be like. What a cute family you have!!

Emily said...

You woke them up?? Are you crazy!!! Ours were up about that same time and it was still too early!! Love all the fun toys, your tree is so pretty and it looks like you had a perfect day!!