Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random pics

Mike celebrated his 32nd birthday this year. Oh how we love our Dad!
I can't believe how old we're getting!
I say that because the big "3 0" is coming way too soon for me!

Just a little piece of our morning.. this is the epitamy of Charly most of the morning and it usually ends up looking like this at night too.
She does clean up very nice I might add, what a cutie.
I can't believe how old my baby is getting. She will be 3 before we know it!
Wesley and his First missing tooth.
He was pretty excited about that thing falling out,
it was loose for months! Now we know why,
that tooth was the longest thing I've ever seen!
Drake did get his cast off, but I forgot to take my camera to take pictures. IT was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I couldn't believe how yellow and smelly it was. But boy was it a relief to get it off for him and for me. I couldn't bear the smell much longer. IT was quite tragic getting it off though. well not the actual removing of the cast, just afterwards. I brought his other tennis shoe, which I didn't realize, would be a little tricky to get on. It didn't have laces and only stretched so far. I seemed to forget that his ankle would still be pretty sore and wouldn't move to easy. The doctor and I both tried to get his shoe on(he is crying this whole time and yelling at me that he's not going to wear it.)--but he just can't do it. Well- now what? I didn't have anything else he could wear and I'm definitely not carrying him to the car. Keep in mind, he won't even step on it, you would have thought he broke it again. He seemed to think he should get the wheelchair to the car. now maybe I need to be a little more sympathetic, but I knew he was not really trying and he tends to be a little dramatic at times, I'm sure it was a little wierd trying to walk, but at least give it a little effort. SO anyway, the doctor gave him another velcro shoe that he used with his cast to take home with him. SO he agreed he could do that. Well after about a 15 minute walk to the car--taking smaller than baby steps- we made it and then took him straight back to school. He still has a little limp, but is doing much better. I'm sure he was so used to favoring it so much that it took him a few tries to really know that it was healed. I know, he's only 6, I need to be a better Mom and cut him a little slack. Hopefully he'll forget about how impatient I was. (so far --no asking to climb trees--wahoo!)


jill d said...

Deb, your kids are so cute! Getting big fast, crazy how that happens. Tyson will be 8 next month and I can't believe it. Do you remember Liz Boren? She and her brother live in my neighborhood. Her oldest is almost 9! It's fun and crazy to see friends with kids so old.

Tad and Joy Martin said...

I love looking at your blog and seeing your kids grow, they're all so cute! Especially little Charly, she's adorable. Glad Drake is adjusting to life without a cast. Joy