Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful my 30th birthday was...

Where do I even start? Well it all started with lunch up at Stacey's house with all my sister-in-law's and cousins--kind of a tradition with the family for each others birthdays. Alisa brought the most delicious Italian Sodas, Natalie picked up Chili's for all, and Jenn made her famous oatmeal fudge bars. So Yummy! We are all outside getting ready to dig in and all of a sudden....I look in the doorway and here comes..jumping up and down, all my sisters and Mom singing Happy Birthday!! First of all, you have to know that I have 4 sisters and they all live all over the place.
1 in CA, 2 in MT, and 1 in UT--my Mom's in UT too. So you can imagine my thoughts when I first saw them here in DENVER--where I live---it was crazy. I couldn't believe my eyes--literally. THey all said I looked so confused at first, and then it all registered that each one of them were here --at Stacey's house in CO!!!!!!! After it all settled in I started hugging each one of them --I couldn't help myself and started bawling!! Now for many of you who know me very well, I don't do that too often, so that just tells you how much this meant to me. (my mom made sure to tell everyone that I started crying--because it was that big of a deal) Oh how I love my Family!!!!

This all came about by My wonderful husband Mike and my cutest sister-in-law Stacey--who says she has been planning my 30th birthday for 2 years now. They both called all of my sisters a couple months before to throw out the idea and they were all on board that day--booked their flights that same day and were ready to keep a secret--and boy did they do a good job. I had even spent a week with most all of them in UT just 2 weeks before and not 1 of them gave any clues as to what was going down! I have never been so suprised in my life!! So after I got over the shock, we ate our lunch and then went down to my house to pack my bags to stay at the Jones' Resort(as all of my sisters referred to it as). Garrett and Stacey were so generous in allowing all of us girls to take over their house for the whole weekend, while they camped out at my house with Mike and all the 8 kids(that's a sacrifice in itself)!

Oh did we enjoy ourselves from enjoying our individual lotions on our pillows, our favorite treats delivered right to our door by Mike( which is a huge sacrifice for him to even step foot in a grocery store) to playing games, to laying out by the pool, sitting in the hot tub, using their workout room, to watching a movie in their Theater, reading lots of books, and plenty of eating, etc...Then to top it all off, Mike took us all to dinner on Friday and then arranged to have all the girls get pedicures together the next morning! I was in Heaven.. this was the best birthday I could ever dream of!! I couldn't have wished for anything more, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy all my sisters and Mom for 4 days straight with no distractions. It had to have been the most perfect present ever...Thanks babe! I love you!!

Thanks to all my family who made it possible to make this the most memorable day in my life!! It will never be forgotten!

Here are the pictures of the big suprise....

me and Carrie

Holly and I

Me and my Mom, with my Dad on the phone(he was a little sad to miss out on all the fun)

Sarah and I

Me and Melinda

The whole crew with little Wesley in the bottom..
The Jones' Resort

Mike delivering our groceries

Doing what us Hubers do best....Gaming!!!

I also enjoyed another present from my sweet adopted sister Staci who couldn't make it..This beautiful Edible Arrangement was delivered for us all to enjoy!

All my beautiful sisters and my most wonderful Mother!

Out to dinner...

Mom and Sarah

Holly and Melinda
Carrie and I

Pedicure Paradise...
Mom, me, Holly, Carrie, and Sarah--with Melinda straight across from us all!

So much Fun!!

Beautiful toes!!

Holly and Sarah relaxing in the hot tub.


Carrie working on some scrapbooking


Carrie Godfrey said...

can we do it again???? It was heavenly . . .

Shirlene said...

It was so much fun!! I love being with all of my daughters!! You are the greatest! Thanks Mike and Stacey for all you did!!
It was a great surprise!!!

Danielle and Fam said...

SOUNDS SUPER GREAT!!! I need to put a reservation in the Jone's resort soon...Happy bday Deb! Me and You 30 this year! Hope to see you soon!

jill d said...

What an awesome husband and family! That is the coolest and sweetest thing ever!!! I'm glad you had such a fun bday, and weekend! :0) Deb, you are the cutest ever!!

KTLADY said...

Debbie! I almost cried just READING this! I can see why you cried. What an amazing weekend. I'm glad you were able to have such a good time. You deserve it. Happy Birthday!

The Valladolid's said...

Happy Belated 30th Birthday! Looks like you all had a great time.

Elisha and Scott said...

HOW AWESOME!!!! What a great way to spend the best birthday ever! I'm so glad it was a good one for ya and that you were surprised. That is great!!!! Funny how the picture of Garrett and Stacey's house really looks like a resort. How fun! Glad it was a good one! Happy belated!!!!!

jensenfamily said...

I just can't believe what cute feet you all have! Erin

Brecken said...

what a great weekend with your sisters!!!!Glad you had a wonderful 30th birthday!

j&jwebbfamily said...

What a super fun surprise. Your so lucky to have wonderful sisters like that. Happy 30th birthday!! (sorry I know it's super late)