Monday, June 1, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Wesley did it. He's officially graduated from Preschool.
He's already telling everyone he is in Kindergarten. He is way too excited to finally go to a "real school" and boy is he ready! He'll be in afternoon Kindergarten, so he'll get to ride the bus home with Drake and all his friends. Can't wait!Wesley will definitely miss his teacher, Miss Karin. She was such a great teacher and really loved those kids!
Wesley and class with all their homemade graduation caps on..

Recieving his Preschool Certificate.. quite a handshake!Too Cute..

Devouring the massive cupcakes they all got afterwards. I think together they maybe finished 1/4 of 1 cupcake

Way to go Wesley!!!!


Kristy said...

Way to go Wesley! Did you guys not go to Ms. Melody this last year then? Is she doing o.k.?

Shirlene said...

Congratulations Wesley!! Wow, how fun to go to Kindergarten next year. You are getting so big!!

Elisha and Scott said...

Congrats Wesley. Crazy crazy how fast these kids grow!

Mamie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh how crazy!!!! I can't even believe it!!! how exciting!