Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

I think we got a real smile from Brigg. At least half of one...

Traditional rolling up the yarn to find their baskets.

That Easter bunny sure is tricky!

Caught in the act...
no matter how good and inspirational the message, you just sometimes can't keep those eyes open. Only a little rest during Conference, I'm sure it was just during one of the songs.

What a great Conference this year--totally focused on the family!!
Looks like we need to step it up in these "last" days! It was so neat to have Easter on the same day as Conference. What a nice and relaxing Sunday!!

Annual Easter egg hunt in the back yard

Drake is determined to catch those pesty little bunnies that ruin our lawn. Not the Easter bunny of course. Only those 3 or 4(probably more now) rabbits that live under our deck. He's made a trap and is convinced those strawberries are going to do the trick. Go get 'em Drake!

It was fun to add The Lyons' Clan to our festivities this year, what a great looking group!!

comparing quantities...
and qualities for Drake because he got 3 GOLDEN eggs!

Brigg with his Uncle Luke

Just because.....



Bills said...

He is Adorable!

Jo said...

So fun...I have the same picture of Cameron and Kennedi sleeping...during a song of course...!