Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break!!

This Spring Break we headed up to Winter Park Ski Resort. Our good friends, the Lyons' invited us to share their ski in/ski out condo they had rented for 3 nights during spring break! It was just beautiful up there and ended up that we got some pretty good snow for the skiers. As for Brigg and I, we really enjoyed the quiet condo to ourselves each day. I even got a book read and got a lot of thank you notes written, so it was a very relaxing trip! Brigg made it nice and easy for Mom to catch up on her sleep too.

Thanks to Rachel we had some delicious home cooked meals every night.

Here's Billy and Drake catching a flick on my laptop--since all the condo
had was a VCR--and what year is it????

Wesley doing what he does best--acting like a monkey!

We have always hesitated to start our boys in this crazy sport--even though we knew they would love it. We just didn't know if they would actually let themselves get to that feeling without giving up. We didn't know if they'd be crying the whole time of being freezing, or complaining about the equipment--or just basically not believing in themselves and chickening out(this has happened before with wakeboarding-so we had no idea what we were in for) So we got the boys all signed up for lessons for 2 days in a row. Skiing is not an easy hobby to keep up, even though we do live in CO, the ski resorts are pretty far away and a huge pain to get to on the weekend with all the "ski traffic." Not only is it inconvenient, it is very expensive to get the equipment and to get a pass. So these have been our excuses the past couple years, but we decided to cave this year and try it out. I couldn't believe it--I got a text from Mike after the 1st day of lessons and found out that Drake and Wesley were going up the tow rope by themselves and making their way down the mountain by themselves. I was so excited to hear that they did it--they didn't give up--I was so proud of my boys, they did such a great job! After the last day of their lessons, I went out to be with them so they could show me their skills. They were so excited to show Mom--so proud of themselves--a real great sense of accomplishment! I couldn't believe my eyes--First goes Drake--totally does everything himself -grabs the rope and pulls him up to the top, then goes Wesley--same thing--next thing I knew they were flying down going so fast I was actually worried that they were going to eat it. All I saw was both of them coming straight at me--nope--not even snowplowing--WHAT??? Little did I know they DID know how to stop--and that they did right in front of me. It was so fun to see their happy little faces smiling so big! ANd then they had to keep on going, "one more time"--I think I heard like 50 times. They were loving it. They both fell a couple times going up the tow rope and also as they were coming down, but they got themselves up, skis back on and headed down the mountain. So there you have it--Drake and Wesley are official skiers and hopefully next year they won't forget what they learned at the end of the season this year. Hopefully we'll be able to make it up to the mountains more than 1 time next year.


Although we did miss our sweet Charly, she had the best of time with her cute little friends Jocelyn and Lydia(Rachel's girls) at their house with a babysitter. I'm sure they had a lot more fun at Monkey Bizness, McDonalds, and dying easter eggs, then they would have had up at the condo with all the stinky boys!!! Thanks to Kayli who took great care of our girls. Next year it will be Charly's turn to learn to ski, hopefully she'll be just as excited as the boys---we shall see!

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Shirlene said...

Looks like all had a great time!! Congratulations boys for doing such a great job in learning how to ski!!