Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sites in SLC!!

So for the first time for our family, we took some time to check out a bunch of Church sites downtown SLC. Our kids have never even been to temple square--I know, so sad! We hit the History museum-which was pretty new, so it's something that Mike and I had never seen either. It was really amazing some of the things they had in there to see. This was a picture of the boys hangin in one of the rooms inside a boat where the pioneers slept in--they felt right at home, since they share a bed still!
This is Drake pretending that he is translating the Golden Plates...
And of course you can't forget the Statue of Christ at the visitors center!

Charly had to get her "pose" in
Elizabeth and Charly had lots of practice with that pose!!
Well the big boys can't be left out, here are our army of stripling warriors--so buff!!
On top of the Conference center, enjoying the beautiful view up there!
These next 2 pictures were taken by my boys--
I thought they did a pretty good job!
What an amazing Temple!!
We couldn't pass up eating on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building and we definitely enjoyed the fried pickles!! This is taken in the window looking over temple square--
what a cutie!!
We got to be with my family for a few days as well! I just had to get a picture of my beautiful Mom and Sister!!

Charly was constantly in Heaven playing with her older cousins Harmony and Maddie!! She adores them and I think they like her too. They're always primping her up curling her hair and making her look waaaaay older than she is!
We did a lot of driving on this UT trip. Since we were already in UT, we decided to make the drive to Boise to head to Mike's cousin , Emma's, wedding. Emma used to live with us before Charly was born, so we felt like we were her 2nd parents there for a while! It was a beautiful wedding--which I don't have any pictures of--darn it! Even though we were on the road more than we got to be there in Boise, we were very glad we made the trip to support our long lost daughter!!!
Brigham struggled this trip, I think this was the only 30 minutes of the whole trip that he was asleep--and pretty much screaming the rest!! Good thing Jaclyn was used to babies--She and Nikson joined us for the trip to Boise--so things were a little tight--especially with a crying baby! Good thing Nikson was so good, or we would have died with 2 babies crying!
Baby Nikson--what a peaceful little thing!

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