Thursday, August 25, 2011

BYU football camp

Drake and Wesley experienced BYU for the first time!! They attended their football camp and this year they were lucky enough to have it inside LaVell Edwards stadium. I think they got their first real taste of what football is all about--at least Mike seems to hope so! He was feeling young again as if he was back playing in the good ol' days!! So he wishes! The whole family went and watched for a couple days of it, even amidst all the 90-100 degree days. Brigg was hopefully taking notes.
Trying to find some shade--even if it is under the bleachers.

Drake in action

Even though Wesley's true love is Soccer, he still gave it his all and was probably the only one there in soccer cleats. BYU doesn't offer soccer scholarships, so we'll try and keep him very well rounded with many options to get there!!

And how can we forget the 2 cheerleaders. These poor 2 girls are dragged everywhere there 2 brothers go. They are such good sports and at least they have each other! They made sure the table was full of water cups for all the boys and Elizabeth even got to lead them all in jumping jacks. Hard to imagine that they are only 10 months apart.( and Charly is not short for her age)

This was the best part of the whole camp...the guy heading up the camp knew Todd and Mike, so I think one day he told all the boys that Mike used to play at BYU., so at the end of the camp a few boys came up to him and asked him for his autograph--it was hilarious--he was just taking it all in. He never imagined he'd be a celebrity, he even had photos taken with him. These boys were so cute--little did they know how big of a star he was!

Gotta love that Cougar stadium!!


jensenfamily said...

the autograph session is classic. I really enjoyed reading the post and thinking about what must have been going through mikes mind.

You are my hero too.


jkhuber said...

I'll have to remember to get Mike's autograph next time I see him. And that's a classic picture of him on his cell phone while getting a picture taken!

Jaclyn said...

I am glad Mike has in his bluetooth. It really makes for a great picture. What a dork!

Elisha and Scott said...

That's awesome!!!!

Sarah said...

So fun all around!! Wesley's long hair is cUTE!