Monday, August 22, 2011

Planes, TRAINS, and automobiles

My Dad LOVES trains!! He even built his own track in our backyard growing up. He loves them so much he will ride them places even when it takes more than 14 hours to get to where he wants to go. This last June, my Dad picked up my 2 nephews Evan and Eli, boarded the amtrak in UT and headed to CO! They all visited with us here for 3 days before they finished their journey back to UT---but this time they picked up 2 more passengers--Drake and Wesley!! Oh boy, were Drake and Wesley excited! Of course they never have been on a train like this, who does that-right? Well if it wasn't for Grandpa Paul, I don't think they ever would have!!!
We had fun showing Grandpa, Evan and Eli one of the fun things to do here in CO.
We took them to a small water park--Pirate's Cove!!
Brigg likes the water, but mostly enjoys all the snacks around
Charly with Grandpa Paul!

here we are in the lazy river--one of our favorite spots

And now it was time to depart from the boys! This is them waiting for the train to come in the station in downtown Denver. As you can see by some snazzy hairdo's(well I guess just 1) it was quite early. They ended up waiting there for a while due to some delays with flooding that they didn't know about.

Finally!!! The train arrives

I guess this was the hall way that took them to their bunks--pretty fun!
This was their very sweet waitress I here!
And they finally arrived after a long 14 hours with a few delays. They said they had a great time and it wasn't really that bad. They had plenty of things to do--movies, books, treats, etc.. needless to say this might be the one time they will have taken the train, but all in all that had a fabulous time and learned a lot a long the way from their Grandpa Paul! Mike and I and the other kids met them in UT, where we drove in our nice and quiet automobile and made it there in 8 hours! Much better!! Thanks to Grandpa Paul for an unforgettable experience!! He even made each boy their own scrapbook from shutterfly of the whole trip!!

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Elisha and Scott said...

I would love to take a train ride. What a great opportunity for the boys!