Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trip to AZ

Back in March, Mike and I along with Garrett and Stacey, took a quick trip out to AZ to visit their cousin Doug and his family! I don't think we've ever wake-boarded in March? I guess when you have the black body suit, you can do anything!! We had a great time just being with Doug and Sara, they are such a great couple and have an amazing family!! Stacey, Sara and I actually made it to Scottsdale and found some great shopping! Thanks Sara for being such a wonderful host!! We love you!!!

This suit was amazing--no need for a lifejacket!
It just blows up like a balloon in the water and you float!

Doug and Sara

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Shirlene said...

I think this is when you saw Grandma, isn't it. Looks like a fun time!!