Monday, December 19, 2011

My Sweet Baby!!

So while we were in Lake Powell Mike's sweet cousin, Alisa watched our little Brigg for us!! We could not have been happier with having him stay with the Hillan family!!
This is a picture that Alisa just happened to catch(not sure how she did that) of Brigg looking at a picture of Mike and I holding baby Drake, and then soon after kissing the picture---oh my goodness, I about cried when I saw this picture--so tender!! Thanks so much Alisa--we know he was in great hands!! You are truly an amazing person!!

Brigg and Austyn--best of buds!!
The sweetest little Tessa ever!!!

Alisa did a post about Brigg on her blog that is just so sweet--here is the link--
(just copy and paste in browser)
but I thought I would copy it on here as well because she said the sweetest things about our Baby!! We love you Alisa!! Thanks for everything!!

"I am feeling very melancholy at the moment. We got to watch my cousin's little guy for the past week and loved every minute of it...that is until we had to give him back.

My boys kept asking me if we had to give Brigg back and why can't we just keep him. They have been dreading Sunday all week. Now, when they say their prayers, I hear them asking if they can have a baby brother and his name be Brigg.

Everyday the boys would wait and wait for Brigg to wake up. They tried to wake him up on several occasions and succeeded on a few. I loved that morning bed head flapping around and those little feet running in the kitchen for a sippy of milk. I loved how everyone bent backwards to make sure he had the favorite toy or book. I loved how Brigg got so excited when he saw a football or his blanket or when no one was looking he would steal an extra chicken nugget. I loved how he would squeal when he would get chased and the feeling of picking him up and kissing him to death. I love the age of 18 months. I miss all of this.

I knew I loved him but am surprised at how empty and sad I feel now that I have given him back.

Hopefully something of his was left behind and we will have to return it tomorrow."

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Elisha and Scott said...

So VERY precious! I love Alisa!