Monday, December 19, 2011

Lake Powell '11

Gotta LOVE Lake Powell!!!
Here I am getting so much air(at least it feels like it anyway--haha)
This is my crazy niece Aubrey--isn't that a great pose!! Amazing!
As always...on the hunt!!

don't know how you do pushups on top of the rock-
-but somehow Blake managed!!

We finally got our boys to love wake-boarding--well at least like it! Wesley loves it but Drake would rather knee board--but they both can get up so that is all we ask of them! It is so much fun to see your own child back behind the boat accomplishing it and loving it!
Blake throwing some sort of trick--looks good to me--especially with the background---
you can't beat that!!
Mike and his one hand grab--(I'm sure it has a much fancier name)
Charly --thinking she's really brave--so cute!
who would ever believe that my 9 year old with already be the "ladies Man"
Taylor, Drake, and Logan
Take care of the houseboat kids, time for adult boat time...
Dance party on the boat
Go Garrett!!!

This is Charly practicing her photography skills on her american girl doll

Lauren, Stacey and Leighton cooking up a delicious meal
Nikson and Charly
Come to find out Charly really is brave--she even jumped off a little cliff--
When it comes to huge cliffs--Drake is the first to go--he eats up this kindof stuff
--on the other hand--Wesley will have nothing to do with it--
Another one of Garrett's moments
K--for those of you that are powell people and you haven't tried one of these--you HAVE to get one--they are amazing!! I absolutely love the air chair!!

Although it is a little tricky to figure out, once you do you will never stop!!

oh what cute kids!
Wesley and Charly with Aunt Jaclyn and Nikson

until next year....

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