Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And so it begins....

Drake started his first year of "tackle" football! Oh boy, did we not realize what we were getting into! We are living in a different world now! Just to add to the craziness of fall sports, Drake practices 3 times a week and games on Saturdays. Thank goodness Mike is helping coach, it saves me from all the running around--as if there isn't enough of that with Wesley and Charly both playing soccer! So fun! Drake is on a really great team-the Columbine Rebels!!
They have won the carnation bowl the last 2 years, we shall see what happens this year!!


Kristy said...

How fun! Both of my boys are on tackle and have been the past few years and youre so right, it is a different world until the season is over! It gets so busy with football, piano & dance for the girls! They love it though and so do we! How exciting for Drake!

Elisha and Scott said...

WOW....Can't believe he's old enough to do that kind of stuff! Seriously, when did he grow up? Got braces in August.....and yes, I did need them mainly for my jaw retardedness! Between getting them on and being pregnant......eating has been so much fun!!! :( Oh well, still managing to gain lots of weight! :) Miss you guys too!