Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well once again--another year has come!! Now to add to the bunch--is our newest member of Elementary school--Charly Jones has started Kindergarten!! Crazy!! My little girl is 5 and ready for her new adventure--in which she has been anxiously awaiting for quite some time now!! There have been many days watching her brothers walk out the door to the bus stop very envious!! She always dreamed of riding on the bus and going to the "big" school!! Well the time is here, my sweet chunky baby is not a baby anymore!! So sad!! But so exciting at the same time!! She is only gone every morning-so we still get her home in the afternoons--Brigg is especially glad to have a buddy around the house--he gets pretty bored of just Mom!!

Off to school to meet their teachers!!
Poor Brigg has no idea of what's about to happen--he's going to lose all his friends!!

Brigg and Charly have become best friends and worst enemies!! Yikes! These 2 are something else. You'd think that Brigg is the older brother the way that Charly will scream running away from him. He's quite the feisty little thing. He's got a real struggle with hitting all the time--especially Charly for some reason--she's actually starting to get a complex that he doesn't like her because he's either hitting her or pulling her hair or pinching her. I think a lot of the problem is she doesn't know how to handle it and gives him a pretty good reaction to just keep on doing it--pretty funny to watch my 5 year old in fear of her 1 year old brother!! In a way, she's probably happy to get away from her mean little brother for a while. They both seem to forget about it when we go to pick her up though. Brigg calls her "coco" ( a nickname that her cousin Gabbie gave her a long time ago--that's a little easier to say than Charly). He's always calling for her as we drive to pick her up and as soon as we get home he gives her the biggest hug!! It's the same with the boys--as soon as he hears them walk in the door he yells there names--"Deek" for Drake and for the longest time he called Wesley "Deek" too, because he couldn't say Wesley. He now calls Wesley "weh-see" . Wesley couldn't be more happy that he can finally say his name!! We have been practicing a lot with him to say Wesley!! It has been really fun for Me to be home with just Brigg for a while--I've really got to enjoy my little baby for once in a long time!! It's a little different to only have 1 child at home!! Kind of a nice change--even though we do miss them at school!!

So bittersweet
Charly with her new teacher--Mrs. Favero
Wesley getting his 'stuff" all organized for the first day! He has Mrs. Gardner. Drake has Mrs Burke. They all really love there teachers, I think they will all have a great year!! We spent a little too much time in Wesley's classroom for some reason, so Drake was late to his class and we didn't get any pictures. You think one of these days we'd figure this out!!
Off to the bus stop for Charly's first time!! So exciting!
waiting.... and waiting...
almost there--she just looks to little to get on that thing!!
BYE Charly!!
And she's off...
another one bites the dust!

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Elisha and Scott said...

Oh yes....bittersweet on this one! Not sure what to think about Molly being gone either, but it is good for her and Fos to have some time away! So cute about Charly and Briggs. We miss you guys!