Thursday, October 20, 2011


So Mike had this fabulous idea to take the boys on a fourteener this summer-very ambitious I thought! Seriously--my boys haven't been on too many hikes at all, especially not a fourteener. They decided on Mt. Bierstadt, which was supposedly one of the easier fourteeners(if there even is such a thing?) I personally was a little worried that it would be too hard, but sure enough, they never cease to amaze me! Our good friend's the Lyons' also went a long with them, it was Bill and his 3 boys-- Billy, Easton and Andrew. They left very early Saturday morning and sure enough made it back home early that afternoon. I was so proud of my boys, they had some pretty tough parts of the hike that they had to keep on truckin, but they still stayed strong and kept on going.
All the boys...not knowing what they're in for...(still all smiles)

And here they are on the top--what an awesome view!!

Here's to 2011--the starting of (maybe) a new tradition!
Way to go boys!!!

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