Sunday, October 2, 2011

4th of July Festivities

We started off the day with the annual 4th of July Breakfast at the park!! It wouldn't be the Chatfield Ward's breakfast if we didn't have Uncle Sam!! This year he brought us his famous juggling act!! The kids love him and can't wait to follow him around on their scooters and bikes!
Mike's practicing to take over for next year!

Charly's working on her OJ commercial audition
After the breakfast, the boys were feeling really grown up and wanted to ride their bikes by themselves home from the park which was about 2 miles away! They were sooo excited and "felt so free" as Wesley would say! The weren't too free as we drove a little slower home so we could check up on them to make sure they were obeying the traffic laws and looking both ways before they cross the street! They did really great and we were really impressed!
Then on to the Jones' Oasis!! Here's Austyn and Stacey!!

Lazy days of summer!!! Gotta love it!!
In case you ever need to find Wesley at the pool, he'll ALWAYS be in the hot tub!!! "but it's just so freezing" he says after getting in the pool for 2 seconds on a 99 degree day outside. Gotta love that skinny thing!
My little stud!

Happy 4th!


Shirlene said...

You have had some fun activities this past summer. Fun to see your pictures!!!

Elisha and Scott said...

Oh we miss that ward! Maybe some day we'll be back :)