Monday, October 3, 2011

HUBER reunion

We headed out to UT for a little Huber time! We had all planned to go for the whole time, but plans changed just a bit when Mike found out that his Granny passed away and the funeral was the same weekend in Farmington, NM. Bummer!! She lived a great life, so it wasn't too sad to see her go--especially when ten years ago when her husband died--laying in the coffin, she asked him to just scoot over and let her in. She's been wanting to go forever! She is welcomed by so many loved ones, especially her own Mother who died when she was just a little girl!! Can't imagine that reunion--how beautiful that will be!! So Mike drove us out and got to go to the first part of the reunion at Lagoon(amusement park)! We made every minute count with our Dad! He took off with the brave boys and went on most of the scary rides, then made it back and went on all the rides Charly could go on--if she was just a bit taller--she'd be on every ride there--she's a brave little thing!! He headed out that afternoon and we met him back home the next week. We sure missed him the rest of the time!

Charly and her uncle Glen--
I wasn't brave enough to go around and round!
Thanks for taking one for the team Glen!!
Brigg's first real ride--he's holding on for dear life to his sis--so cute!!
He ended up loving every ride he went on--especially the cars and boats!!
K--I love this wall!! Didn't realize how cute it was til I saw the pics. What a cute background! Of course the kids are pretty cute too!
Brigg and Emmett

Brigg, Charly, Emmett, and Kyler

One of the nights we drove up the Canyon to Silver Lake! My Mom and Dad headed up a little earlier to get the dinner all set and ready for us! We hiked around the lake and then ate a delicious hotdog dinner! The kids were in heaven, they love exploring! This place was so pretty--except for all the swarms of mosquitos(I've never seen so many in one place--they were everywhere--so gross!)

Charly just strollin a long with her cousin Maddie
John and my Mom

BROTHERS--nothin better!

Enough said.....

uncle Matt and cousin Emmett
Sam, Halle, Drake, Wesley and Charly


Carrie Godfrey said...

Wahoo! you are way ahead of me. Fun Times!! It was fun hanging out together for a couple of weeks. Love you! (love those cute pics of the kids and you & mike on the side of the blog)

Elisha and Scott said...

Fun to have reunions!!!!! Thanks for was fun to see ya for even a few minutes!!!!

Shirlene said...

I love all the pictures!!! It was fun to have you all here!!